Friday, September 11, 2015

First Week at the MTC

What's up everyone! Honestly this has been a ride so far, I just wanna say thank for all the love and support you gave me before I left. I left feeling like I was about to bless the whole world after my farewell and then they threw me here and I realized that I am very very very far from that! They throw you right in your class room and get right to work. The days mesh together here, but I'll tell you a little about each one.

First day was tough because I started crying when I hugged my family, but Elder Lerose picked me up and totally distracted me. He's learning mong and going to some of those boring states up north, I can't remember which, but he was awesome, and I've been able to see him around lately. We got to our classroom and we met our district and companions. My companion is Elder Nebeker, he's from Rosevelt, but he went to utah state for a year, so he's nineteen. He's a little more mature than me haha, but he's sick, he's way chill and he played baseball and basketball and snowboarded and ping pong:) The rest of our district is tight, we have Wilde and Wagner who are going to philly with us! they are in our room too, so we are all boys! Wilde is from san fran and he is so tight, he's pretty good and ball too! I'm stoked i get to go to philly with him. Wagner played lacrosse for syracuse, so he talks to me a lot about that whether i want to or not. Then we have Bell and Roberts, Hunter and Wylie who are going to Montana Billings, and Bushman and Jordan who are going to Tallahasse Florida! ( Chad will love that!) It's weird how you throw 10 elders in a room, who are pretty much not alike at all and somehow they all become friends. We also have another district with elders and sisters going to the exact same missions as us and we've gotten way close to them. I'm gonna be honest, the food schedule here sucks, i eat dinner at like 4:30, so I'm hungry every night and the food isn't too good anyways. The best thing about monday was eating a hot pocket at 9:30 at night, they have a vending machine in our residence and a ghetto microwave, so you know I spend a lot of time there! They don't even have plates so I cooked it on cardboard :):)

Anyways All these days are blending, but we've been teaching an investigator named Jim, who is really our teacher, but he is a hardcore actor, so it's been tough. We straight up bombed the first visit, it was awful, round two was better though. We also have an investigator named Sydney, in these visits we don't know if they are members or not. She's an older lady and loves family search, and every time we brought up something in the bible she corrected us, because she knew way more than us. We visited with her, and just ended by bearing our testimony of the book of mormon, and I honestly thought we did alright.

We pray so much here it's nuts, but i like it! You also play the best basketball in the mtc, I know that forsure. I've seen pretty much everyone that's here, all the elders in my district joke about how everytime we aren't in class I find someone I know haha. One thing I love about the mtc is the socialness, you can go up to someone, ask where they are from, where they are going and talk for at least a half hour! Last night I got to talk to elder parrish, who played basketball for woodscross, I didn't know him before but we talked for a long time about davis county, and it was nice to talk to someone who knew what goes on there!

Okay so everyone told us make it to Sunday, you'll be okay. It's so true. Sunday was amazing. I've never loved it so much before. Just the whole familiarity of the sacrament felt nice in this strange world called the mtc, and the talks and lessons were great. One thing I thought was interesting, was our branch president Hodges fell asleep on the stand during sacrament. No one is perfect and I really needed to see that because I was also tired and needed a quick nap haha! Then we had a bunch of time for meetings and time with our district, then we had a devotional with a general authority in charge of the MTC and I want to say his name was Elder Allen, but I could be wrong. What I got out of it is look forward, and don't look in the "rearview mirror". They show a film on sunday nights so we watched The Character of Christ, by Elder Bednar. Hands down amazing. I wish everyone could see it, but I hear you can't find it anywhere other than the mtc. It motivated me so much, we need to stop worrying about ourselves and turn to christ, and serve others first. Loved it. We said goodbye to our Elder Bednar (jeff) that night, I can't believe he's been here since June 24th lol. This morning we got to go to the temple. I just loved it. That's all I can say, it was amazing.

I'll add some pictures of me and the boys from home, and my district, elder nebeker is the one sitting down right in the middle of the picture!

Things are good here, I'm starting to like it more. I hope you all are doing good at home! I miss you all a ton. And I have one request, if you have a picture with me, if you could send it to my mom so she could make me a photo album that would be awesome. It's tough telling stories about people and not being able to show them instagram or whatever and I'd just like pictures from home anyways! I love you all, keep doin good things back at home, write me if you'd like and I leave next tuesday to philly so this will be my first and last email from the mtc, and I don't know when pday will be! Talk to you all soon!

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