Monday, June 13, 2016

Teach When You Ball and Ball When You Teach

All the missionaries know that Preach My Gospel says we need to teach
when we find and find when we teach, but listen, we just got finished
playing street ball out in the zone leaders part of reading and they
picked up two investigators just by us playing ball for like 3 hours!
Anyways that was a good start to the week, next week we just have to
ball in our area!

So this week I got to go on exchanges with Elder Laine, my Finnish
friend, once again! He was in my district back in Lehighton. We had a
sweet day, taught some solid lessons and went to an all you can eat
wing Wednesday! We ate 80 wings together and tried the Thai Suicide
sauce to finish it off. It was a mix of habanero, jalapeño, Cajun and
Cayan pepper! I've never cried so much in my life! I also got to go
with Elder Willson, who's a complete stud. He knows all the pastors
around Reading and they hook it up with free stuff! We also got to
teach someone named Chad Smith, super gnarly.

We had our last zone conference with President and Sister Anderson.
Man how our mission will miss them. I've never seen so many
missionaries crying at once. It was an awesome zone conference though,
getting us geared up for the new mission president. I also got to see
my trainer Elder Stimpson for the first time since he got transferred
so that was just peachy!

To finish off the week we had Paul Vandi's baptism. The guy was so
prepared! He was so excited for such a quiet guy. I got to baptize
him, which I thought was odd because he was referred to us by his
friend who is a member, but I guess he prayed about it and wanted me
to do it so I'm game especially because I have white pants that
actually fit me now! We are so excited for the growth of this ward.
Paul wasn't even the first in the new Reading 1st ward to get
baptized. The other elders had a baptism Saturday and should have
three next Saturday! Crazy stuff out here!

Last night we got to go to a members house for dinner, and they have a
HUGE backyard, goes all the way back into the forest. They wanted to
take us out there to see all the Lightning bugs, and man are those
cool. With so many of them out, the ground just looks like it's
sparkling, it's pretty cool! It's times like that when I just think
how great this earth is. Everything here has a purpose, even if it's
just a bug that lights up so humans can be entertained. No way you
could look at this earth and not think about our Father in Heaven.
Stoked for another week here, last week of the transfer so we will see
what happens to us! Love you all!

1) Stimpy!
2) tryin to clean out the baptismal font with a homemade skimmer
(thanks to Stockton Christensen for the genius idea!)
3) Paul Vandi! I promise he's nicer than he looks in the picture!

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