Tuesday, April 25, 2017

You get a Book of Mormon, You get a Book of Mormon, Everybody gets a Book of Mormon!

April 17, 2017

Last week when I left off a crazy miracle happened. We played
basketball with the boys, Anthony, Vennesa, Quince, Allen and their
little sister Solange. Super fun, even though the partitions between
the overflows were locked and we only played on a quarter of a court.
After getting some buckets, we asked if they could give us a ride to
their home because it was pretty close to Walmart. They just told us
they would take us to Walmart so we didn't have to ride SEPTA. One way
ticket, nice!!! So I bought my essential things for the week, almond
milk and a bathroom scale, and headed out to catch a bus. Now I've
been in this area for a whole transfer now and on day one we needed a
place to eat so the senior couple, the Petersons, took us to Taco
Bell. That was March 7th. I hadn't eaten Taco Bell since then. I
noticed before the bus stop that there was a Taco Bell and my inner
man hunger and cravings tempted me to buy some Taco Bell, so I figured
if the bus was going to be a few minutes I might as well pick some up.
Right as I was about to pull out my iPad I heard someone say "what's
up guys?" And there's Allen and Anthony running out of Taco Bell. They
decided to drop in for some food, but Solange's order got messed up so
they were still there and offered to take us home. Two way ticket to
the store AND I still got Taco Bell. This might not seem like a
miracle until you've carried groceries on public transportation. I
keep wondering if my inner man hunger was actually just some friendly
guidance from the spirit...

So this week was pretty awesome. We continued doing the Prince of
Peace initiative at the 69th street station, and I forgot to get a
picture... mostly because I hated standing around a booth trying to
get people to listen to me. Good thing I'm not a JW. We did get a
pretty sweet referral from some sisters when they were at the station
though. She's a 16 year old girl named Mikayla and I haven't met such
an outgoing 16 year old in a while! She was super pumped about
everything we talked about! We also were out stopping by a few formers
and potentials when we met this kid named Clifford. He's 17 and from
Sierra Leone (money) and loved the Prince of Peace video. He had us
come back a few days later and all of his little cousins were there,
ranging from 9 to 13. They all listened so close to the restoration
and comprehended it much better than most adults I teach. When I
recited the first vision they said "that's God and Jesus Christ!" Oh
and when we pulled out the Book of Mormon "where can we buy one of
those?" And after we explained they were free, all of their hands shot
up saying "I want one!" One of the boys, who's 9 said "excuse me, I'm
not from here, I'm from Maryland. Do you have a church there too?" Yes
we do youngblood!! We got him the address for the church and the
number for the bishop... that's the best we could do for a 9 year old
who had no idea what his address was! The next day we had to go back
to drop off the 5 Books of Mormon we didn't have the day before to all
the little homies and afterwards as we were walking home a guy pulled
up next to us and said "are you Mormons? My house burned down with my
Book of Mormon. Can I get another?" Sure dude, no problem.

As far as our teaching pool goes we are super excited about it. With
our investigator Antoinette, we had a lesson on the word of wisdom. As
usual coffee and tea get the "what? Really?" But by the end her friend
Sarah came down and Antoinette started explaining that we can't drink
coffee and tea and how addicting they are! Let's go! With the boys,
they are all recent converts except Anthony, who's just their
brother-like friend, who is always at their house, kinda like Cena.
He's been coming to young men's and church so we figured we'd set him
with a baptismal date. Come to find out Bishop Ard went over last
Sunday with some young men and already talked to him about it! When we
formally invited him to baptism he said "absolutely! Of course? What
do I have to do?" In his words, he's the best "Mormon in training".
All those mentioned in this paragraph came to church this week, which
was such a relief. This Easter Sunday was a good one. As well as
church being a relief, the weather was insanely nice so I did some of
my studies out on out balcony. I'm thankful for the weather on such a
wonderful day with some great studies on the Atonement and our Savior.
We got invited to our first dinner appointment since I've been here
and the McShane's made us funeral potatoes and ham. Finished off with
some homemade cookies and cream ice cream. How could I go wrong? I'm
truly thankful for how peaceful this day was. It's already transfer
time, and I'm happy to be staying here another transfer to continue
training Elder Berry. I can't believe another transfer has flown by,
it goes so quick. There are many exciting things happening in this
upcoming transfer, so stay tuned! Take care and have a good week! Oh
and GO JAZZ!

1) Zone training
2) they wanted us to take a "look up!" picture, like Elder Choi... nice
3) Easter studies
4) baked by dyl. Tastes as good as it looks!
5) me and Elder Jolley, the "old guys" in the zone... I'm not old right?
6) P1 Elders Gang!
7) P1 Missionary Squad!

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