Tuesday, April 25, 2017

All Star Squad

April 24, 2017

Yesterday a new sister in the ward asked "Elders, how was the first
week of the transfer?" Me and Elder Berry kinda look at each other and
said "it was normal". I mean when can you say that? A normal week of
missionary work? That's possible? So don't get your hopes us because
this email might not blow you away and might be short. Although the
least normal part is that I rarely stick with a companion for more
than a transfer, so as we were walking around on transfer Tuesday, I
told Elder Berry that it was only my fourth time I hadn't gone to
transfers so it felt kinda strange to be headed out proselyting in the
morning! With transfers we get a new squad and let me tell ya, our
zone is pretty much the all star team. I've never seen so many solid
missionaries in one place and even better, Elder Fowers is my zone
leader! It's gonna be a good transfer.

No worries, just as usual we did get free food this week. As we were
teaching a recent convert named Emmanuel, he kept running to the oven
and throwing a bunch of pans around. At the end of the lesson he said
"Elders, I'll drive you home so we can drop off this food." I only
noticed one pan when we left, but somehow when we arrived home there
were three big pans of food! We even had the Petersons come over for
lunch that day and we still have some left! Africans are the best,
they are so humble and giving. Sometimes that's rough though because
their food doesn't really do me well. I'm not sure if any of you have
tried real African food before, but it's mighty different! After a
lesson with Allen, Quince and Vennesa their Mom, Viola, told us she
made us food so we enjoyed some nice stew and rice. Do you all like
fish bones in your food? Yeah, me neither. Welcome to little Africa.

We met a sweet less active from Nigeria this week name Mazino. His
accent is hardly there and he even has my kind of sarcastic humor.
Hilarious guy, and he gets buckets! What? Wow! One of my new favorite
people. We also taught a lady named Hawa this week, this sisters met
her on the street or something like that and she's very familiar with
our church. We couldn't meet at the place where she stays so we all
walked with a member to his moms house for the lesson. As we walked,
he pretty much taught her the restoration. Looks like my job was done
for me! Our investigator Antoinette is progressing really well. She's
been taught everything and is excited to be baptized! It will probably
be within the next few weeks as soon as she starts regularly coming to

Life is good, I don't get winded from walking anymore, my jump shot is
improving and I'm loving being a missionary. What more could I ask
for? I hope you all have a wonderful week!

1) the other district came to my district meeting this week, so it was
pretty much me doing a zone Training lol
2) just a nice picture of the Philly temple
3) food from Emmanuel!

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