Monday, May 22, 2017

April Showers Bring May Cheesesteaks

May 1, 2017

This week we were given our SEPTA passes for May and I thought it was
strange because I didn't think May was very soon... looks like I'm
wrong because I'll be swiping my May pass when we go play football
today. Whoa. Super cool week though, we found some awesome people and
had some fun times too! We taught this guy named Mohammed, who's a
Muslim from Liberia. His aunt is a member and he was very willing to
have us come by and he was super excited about the Book of Mormon. Mid
lesson while reading from the Book of Mormon on my tablet he pulled
out his phone and searched for the Book of Mormon app, downloaded it
and accidentally hit play so it started reading the Book of Mormon to
us and he couldn't figure out how to turn it off! So sick! We also
picked up a couple from Liberia named James and Catherine, who were a
bible referral and then we also taught a girl named Princess who's NOT
African. That's a rarity around these parts. She was super cool!

We kinda had a breakthrough lesson with some of our investigators this
week. We are teaching a recent convert's, Momo (14), sisters. Their
names are Desire (17) and Moshell (12). We realized a few weeks ago
these lessons were trash if their wasn't a solid member there, so
we've been going the extra mile to get the YW presidency there for
lessons. This week we had a solid lesson, but they always seem to want
to be baptized later. A thought popped in my mind as we were teaching
and I told the story from Elder Uchtdorf's talk "Your Potential, Your
Privilege's". As I told the story they were so engaged and laughed
about it. It was cool to see how their opinion on getting baptized
changed after we connected the dots from the story. Hopefully it will
be soon! Later in the week we dropped back by the home and we were
just visiting for a moment, when I started talking to Momo's older
brother Solomon (17) about soccer. Thank goodness I played FIFA on my
Xbox so I knew enough to hold my own in the conversation! Anyways, we
built that relationship then somehow related it to the gospel and we
are going to teach him more this week!

I got to have Elder Fowers come to P1 with me for an exchange. He's
been in Darby many times on his mission so it was extremely fun to run
around with someone who knew the area AND has been my companion. It
almost felt like we were just made companions again. We taught a few
lessons, ate food, talked to tons of people, ate more food and talked
to more people! One of my favorite parts was when we were walking
around some row homes and we talked about how long we've been doing
this and how we are almost "professional", not even a minute later we
walk by a lady getting all this wedding stuff out of her car not too
far from Mazino's, my less active baller friend from Nigeria that I
mentioned a week or two ago. I put two and two together, went out on a
limb and said "are you Mazino's fiancé?". We helped her carry in the
stuff and got to know her a bit. She's going to be busy for the next
month with the wedding but really wants us to come teach her
afterwards because she likes the idea of being sealed for eternity and
really wants to learn more! It's awesome because I know God puts us in
the right place at the right time and gives us so many opportunities,
but the real awesome part is when we are experienced and can seize
those gold opportunities! Professional eh? I mean I do wear a name

Last week I mentioned how a recent convert named Emmanuel hooked us up
with all that food. This week we finished our lesson with him and he
said "you guys can get in my car and I'll take you to get a
cheesesteak." What? Get this, it was an 18 inch long cheesesteak!!!
Elder Berry and I split it and it was one of the few times I've felt
completely full after a cheesesteak. Emmanuel was babysitting a kid in
the ward named Gregory, who's absolutely adorable, and I noticed that
my cheesesteak compared to him in size. I handed him the cheesesteak
and right as I took the picture he said "it's too heavy!". Pictures
are to follow! We also dropped by a less active Sunday night and he
was grilling. African BBQ's are the most lit thing I've been to in a
long time!! Good food too! And we met another less active at the BBQ
who really wants to come back to church, so sick! I love this place so
much. Lil' Africa has a big place in my heart. I hope you all have a
great week!

1) rain in Africa
2) Gregory!!!
3) "it's too heavy"
4) classic philly meal: cheesesteak and a birch beer
5) I promise cheesesteak tastes much better than it looks!
6) my mom wanted a picture of me wearing this new tie
7) more cheesesteaks with the squad
8) GO JAZZ!!!

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