Monday, May 22, 2017

Brain Freezes

Most the time when I say the week went by really fast, sometimes I'm
just exaggerating and trying to sound like every other missionary but
this week went REALLY fast. I can't believe it's already been a week
since I called home for Mother's Day... but at the same time it feels
like it's been ages since I called home... what?

I got sick AGAIN this week. What kind of garbage is this? I swear my
immune system takes too much vacation time. So I was down and out for
about a day and a half, but did you know if you actually rest and take
the right kind of medicine (s/o to Sister Bills, our mission nurse)
you get better real quick! I feel like 98 bucks right now, and I'm
sure in the next few days I'll get those other two dollars back! While
illnesses seem to slow us down, they don't stop the work. The big news
is, is that Antoinette got baptized! Elder Berry got to baptize her,
what a good experience for a young missionary! She's great, and a few
young women came up to her and took pictures with her because they
were excited to get another young women in the group!!! Too bad she's
21 though hahaha

Other cool stuff, we taught a guy named Ebenezer and his sister, Love,
this week. At the end of the lesson they said their uncle goes to our
church. Their uncle happens to be the high priest group leader and is
essentially the ringleader of little Africa. Said ringleader also gave
us a referral for a family that we have a lesson setup with for this
week! We also received an investigator who told us today he wants to
join the church. We can help you with that buddy!

We had our interviews with President Randall again this week. This
time in the chapel across from the temple, so I made the most of the
trip and got Potbelly's for lunch at one of only two locations in the
mission, the other being good ole Bethlehem. Interviews were great! We
were poking fun at each other because I've hit my goal weight for our
challenge and he's 1/4 of the way to his. I tried to encourage him by
reminding him he had 2 weeks left! After some more joking around he
laughed and said "sorry about all he joking, your always just fun to
talk to!" Thanks President! That statement kinda describes my mission.
It's been fun, and maybe I should be sorry about all the joking and
playing around I do, but it's just too fun! After we left we found
that some of my old Cherry Hill gang, including Elder Cristaldo, was
hanging out in the chapel for some special Spanish meeting. So I got
to laugh and joke about everything all the way to our train stations!

Speaking of fun, one of my favorite days of the year passed by and I
was completely engaged in one of the most important events of the
year, Bring Your Own Cup at 7-Eleven. I still reminisce about going
with the guys back home to fill up some milk jugs with slurpee. This
year I brought a big ole water jug I miraculously had in the fridge.
Yes, 101 oz of slurpee is a lot. Thank you for all the support you
give! Everything goes so quick and soon enough I won't even been a
teenager anymore... but no worries, I'll still act like I'm one!!
That's how it goes 'round here. Love you all!

1) straight outta Africa (The shirts smell like Africa too)
2) a wreck with a chocolate brownie cookie
3) cherry hill squad!
5) Antoinette's baptism!
6) I happened upon this adorableness earlier this week and took
roughly 5 videos and many pictures of them
bonus: here's one of the said videos!

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