Monday, May 22, 2017

Chicken Feet & Cheesesteaks

May 7, 2017

I might let the pictures do the most talking this week... we had some
super solid lessons though. Antoinette is gold, she came to church
this week and starting today has Sundays completely off! So she can
stay for all 3 hrs of church. Super pumped for her. I mentioned our
non-African investigator Princess last week. She read 7 chapters
between our first and second lesson! That never happens. As we were
teaching she stopped us and said her mother was about to walk in the
door. Her mother was not too happy to see us. She said there's
something wrong with most religions and there's something wrong with
ours, but she can't put a finger on it. Nice. After her trying to quiz
us and me standing my ground she went outside. We finished the lesson
with Princess and at the end we invited her to pray. Her mom came in
right before she started. Princess's prayer was solid! Which caused
her mom to tell us how she's been trying to get princess to pray like
that her whole life? She told us to keep doing a good job helping out
her daughter and she respected our dedication. A big shout out to the
spirit for softening her heart! We also got to teach Solomon and
Desire this week. They are a recent converts older siblings. They are
in high school, but they are much more mature than their younger
siblings. So we times it right to where they would be the only ones
home and the lesson was so solid! Now we just need to get them to

This week I realized how easy it is to make friends no matter where
you are! If anyone knows my mom, you know that she can go into a store
to buy some bread and comes out chatting up a storm with other
shopper. A few weeks ago we went to drop by a recent convert and some
white lady next door noticed us knocking on her neighbors door and
said she wasn't interested in Jehovah's Witness. I said we weren't
Jehovah's Witness and we were just stopping by to see a member of our
church! We keep seeing her all the time and earlier this week she
asked us if we knew where a certain hospital is because she was having
a grandbaby. We looked it up on her iPad and she was on her way. A few
days later we saw her and I asked how the grandbaby was and we spent
the next 15-20 minutes looking at pictures of him on her phone, her
telling us not to eat GMO's and to watch what kind of soil we use.
Thanks! On Sunday I was on the train and the guy in front of me had
fishing poles. In the city? No way. I just simply asked him where they
go fishing and it turns out they live by us so for the next hour him
and his boys talked to me about fishing, sports, video games and
whatever else 12 year old boys do. The fishing spot is right by our
apartment so hopefully we will get over there soon because the boys
told me I should come fishing with them hahaha! Maybe both of these
experiences I planted a seed and one day it will harvest. A lot of
people don't want to talk about religion at first, but most people
love talking about things they love and it's a super easy way to make
connections wherever you go!

I ate some solid cheesesteaks this week, and some interesting African
food. It wasn't my first experience with a chicken foot... but all in
all just another good week here. As time goes on I feel like
missionary work is becoming so natural and it makes it harder to think
of what to write, but I love it here! I might have to be dragged away
from philly if they ever make me leave! Have a wonderful week

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