Monday, June 12, 2017

Grandma Su

Nothing too insane happened this week! Sometimes that's a relief. We
did have interviews with President Randall. It was only a few weeks
ago when we had our last interviews so we just chatted about whatever
and I'm sure gonna miss my interviews with him. While we were teaching
Quince and Allen, their grandma Susannah told us she couldn't
understand our English and to bring an African next time. Good ole
grandma Su came over to America from Africa about a month ago. We told
her there's tons of Africans at church, so she came to check it out
this week and she's hooked! Made my day when I walked into church to
see her and the boys already there in the pews. She said she is going
to keep coming! Vennesa joked that it's bad for him because now he has
to show up early to church! Edwina and Jamie are doing well! We took a
recent convert young man, Momoh, to the lesson this week. He's the one
who helped her read the Book of Mormon during school. The
fellowshipping is already too good! I got fed pizza this week for the
first time in ages, and Quilly also fed us some African food which was
much too hot for me to contain. I can't wait to have my family try
some of this stuff;) We did some finding in a part of our area we
weren't familiar with, which led us to getting off at the wrong
trolley stop and being dropped off in the middle of the woods. Not
what we are used to anymore!! Last week for pday we played rugby,
which is my new favorite sport to play. We are going to be playing
again today, so I'm super excited for that!

There was a couple baptismal services in the ward this week. On
Saturday a returning family got to see all 3 of their kids baptized.
Adrian, Eva and Alex who are 10, 10 and 8 I think. On Sunday a lady
named Amber was baptized after church. She literally walked into
church one day and told the missionaries she was about to get baptized
in Hawaii but had to move. Is it a coincidence that she lives in Elder
Makuakane's part of the ward and he's straight from Hawaii? Nah I
don't think so. God has a plan. I had the opportunity to do the
baptismal interview for all of them, except the 8 year old. It was a
wonderful experience being reminded how God prepares each person in
their own way. I'm was so happy to see how excited each of the
missionaries were as those they worked hard started on their journey
back to their Father in Heaven. I'm thankful for the success I've seen
on my mission and the growth I've seen in myself. This hasn't been
easy at all. I may sometimes exaggerate on how much I love and enjoy
this and how fun and easy it, but it is truly one of the hardest and
most exhausting things I've done. Why? Because I really do care about
these people. When I can't visit them, they don't keep their
commitments or show up to church it's very tough because they are
missing out on so many blessings. I can only pray and get back out
their to help them. I truly am tired, very tired, but the thought of
seeing the happiness these people can have years down the road is what
keeps me going! I'm excited for what's up and coming, each week is
something exciting for about the next month, so maybe the next few
emails will have a bit more juice to them;) thanks for the support!
Have a great week!

1) lookin like a trio of missionaries with Momoh
2) puttin together a bed for our friend Harriet
3) Haja! Cutest kid around
4) I was so tired that day I wanted to go lay down in the cave
5) the woods
6) there was a huge fire in Darby that shut down most of Main, but I
couldn't get a better picture than this
7) last weeks rugby

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  1. Hi Elder Smith, I'm hoping you won't mind helping me spread the word about this to other Sisters/Elders still in the PPM, or others you know who might be interested, (like maybe your own mom!) so they can let their moms or local members know about and join the It's mainly a group for the moms of PPM missionaries, but will of course include dads if they ask to join, as well as local members that know and are helping or serving with missionaries in their area. My son is heading there soon from the MTC, and the moms of our local missionaries have a page like this and it is AMAZING, so I want that for myself and others in the PPM. Thanks, and your blog is great! Sis Ross