Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"If anyone tells you that you have a big mouth, tell them your dentist says it's not true"

June 19, 2017

Today marks exactly 22 months since I left home, can you believe it?
I've been doing this for a long time but it's gone by so much quicker
than I'd imagined! Last week for pday all the elders got together at
the fields with a Elder and Sister Bills for some football and rugby!
Sister Bills scored a few touchdowns to beat our team, MVP status.
This week we helped some members in South Philly pack up all of their
stuff in a moving van to head out to Utah. They told the South Philly
elders to get as many elders to come as they could and they would buy
us all pizza. Not only was it super good pizza, but it was fun to be
out workin hard with the zone. I also finally decided to get my teeth
fixed after procrastinating for the past year and man did it remind me
that I still need my mom. The receptionist told me the pricing of the
procedures and asked if I had the money to pay for it. After giving
her a long blank stare I said "can you call my mom?" Even though I've
been living on my own for so long, I still can't do it all on my own
haha. I forgot how strong the effect of the numbing is for me, I
couldn't feel my face for like 4 or 5 hours and couldn't keep my eyes
open once I left the office. Just giving me a taste of real life! To
make it even worse they put a temporary cap on my tooth for a few
weeks and as I was enjoying some banana bars yesterday I realized the
banana bars weren't the only thing I swallowed... looks like another
trip to the dentist this week:/

We had a wonderful mission conference this week where Elder Kopischke
of the seventy came and spoke to us. He's from Germany, and other than
that I don't know much else about him but that's okay because he's a
cool guy! The first half of his training didn't catch my attention,
but the second half was super good!! He talked about working with the
members and pretty much did a Q&A. Too bad my P1 problems are
completely different than any other areas problems. It's crazy to
think that I only have one of those left. After the conference I
brought Elder Makuakane on exchange with me to P1. It's always a blast
to have that kid around. We got in contact with a few recent converts
we haven't seen in a while so I was super pumped about that! They all
came to church too! As well as a less active we started working with a
month ago. Vafa hasn't been active since she was in young women's so
it was great to see her there! Kinda a side story that my parents
would appreciate, when we went shopping Elder Lee grabbed a bunch of
stuff that would be easy for him to make and eat because he can't
cook. When we got home he showed me all the things he got, one of
which was frozen waffles. Now let me explain that all throughout
elementary school, junior high and sometimes even high school I ate
frozen waffles for breakfast the majority of the time, but I never put
syrup on them, just butter. It's like a ramped up version of toast for
me and it's amazing. All day I was thinking about those frozen waffles
elder lee bought because I haven't had one my entire mission. That
same day our A/C went out so I couldn't sleep at all. Around 1 o'clock
after falling asleep and waking up a billion times I got up and made
myself a waffle... and now I can't stop eating them. Hope it was a
wonderful Father's Day!! Love you guys.

1) pday with the squad

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