Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A transfer full of lasts

July 11, 2017

Well folks transfer news came around and I get to finish my mission in
P1 with Elder Lee! I'm so stoked because I really really really didn't
want to pack and half heartedly go to a new area. It's gonna be great
just continuing to do my thing around these parts. Im super excited
for my last transfer though, it's gonna be amazing! I remember the
months leading up to me heading out here were so strange because
anytime I would do anything I would think "this might be my last time
doing this" and now I'm running it right back again so don't be
surprised if I talk about "lasts" in my emails because those will
probably be things I want to remember.

On the 4th of July we played some basketball and some wiffleball too
which was awesome, it reminded me of playing it with the guys back
home. After being out in the sun for way too long we hung out around
the church and the P4 elders apartment. I swear I went to Wawa like 4
times that day because their water is free and they have good
slushees. To watch the fireworks we went to the top of their building
which was kinda sick, but kinda lame too because all the fireworks
were so far away haha. Pretty decent 4th though, got to hangout with
all the elders so I can't complain.

As far as the work goes this week it was pretty interesting because
last weekend I got some sort of stomach bug which was mostly just
nauseousness, a little bit of pain and losing most of my appetite, so
I haven't been eating much. Elder Lee ended up catching it a few days
after me so we've both been pretty drained on Wednesday after
teaching a lesson with the Bills we asked Sister Bills what would be
the best thing to try and eat without having an appetite and she
recommended ginger ale and ice pops. They stopped by the store so we
could buy some and no joke for like 3 or 4 days we pounded the ice
pops! I'm pretty sure some days I ate toast and ice pops for
breakfast, lunch was rice and by dinner I wasn't hungry at all so I'd
pound some more ice pops. We've consumed a few bags of them and of
course we have some bags with the left over flavors we don't really
like (red, orange, purple) but we've been forcing ourselves to eat
them too haha. Today after church we were starving so we came home and
starting making a bunch of stuff and Elder Lee said "wow, we must be
starving because we haven't eaten this much food in a long time" but I
hardly ate anything before I got full. So listen up, if you want to
lose weight by eating less, just eat tons of ice pops, they do the
trick! I also got some more dental work this week, which was supposed
to be a quick walk in, pop a crown on, walk out, but it didn't fit so
they numbed my face again and worked away. Right after we had lunch
with our bishop and it's super strange eating a cheeseburger when you
can't feel half of your face. That numbing stuff destroys me because I
couldn't even stay awake on the bus ride home haha man real life stuff
is tough.

We did pickup like 3 new investigators this week, which I'm super
happy about because I've been slacking on my finding. Our area Book
was full of investigators, but a lot weren't progressing or we kinda
just stopped meeting with them, so I dropped them all which made our
list relatively smaller than I'm used to and you truly get blessed
with people to teach when you do that! I'm not trying to teach a
record amount of lessons my last few weeks here, I'm just trying to
teach people who are actually interested and ready to change their
lives! It's great because although I'm thinking about home a lot, I
feel like I'm the most focused I've ever been on teaching to
Conversion. We taught a wonderful lady named Esther, whose teenage
kids are members in Liberia. She was so happy when we came by and
she's very excited to learn. We also taught a lady named Gurley who
has an aunt in Minnesota who is a Latter Day Saint. When she visits,
Gurley attends with her aunt. Turns out she also has a large print
triple combination that some sisters gave her in 2010! Well used too!
She has no idea what happened to those sisters because she never saw
them again, but it's okay because we are here now! She says she still
feels hungry like there's more truth out there. Then we taught a guy
named Joseph, who is in a group home. He might have dementia, but he
told one of the nurses he's a Latter Day Saint and she called our
bishop to have us come meet him. We are like 80% sure he's not a
member because he said he was baptized two years ago and no one knows
him... he also said that he lived on woodland, a popular street in the
ward, but then he said he didn't live anywhere when he came from
Liberia... not too sure, but we can teach him anyways! We'll see what
he can retain!

So a few fun facts for you, as we were visiting with our recent
convert Antoinette this week we found out that Liberia's Independence
Day is July 26th I explained to Antoinette about Pioneer Day and she
was pumped because she can celebrate the 4th, 24th and 26th as
holidays haha. Also, Antoinette told us that the Liberian
"headquarters" are in Philly, Minnesota and New York. All of the
Liberians living in America travel to those 3 hotspots if they want a
good celebration on the 26th haha. I'm so excited to stay here and
super excited to celebrate Liberian Independence Day! I hope you all
have a wonderful week!

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