Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Slurpees & Memes

July 17, 2017

Probably one of the biggest highlights from this week was conferring
the Aaronic Priesthood to Allen, one of the boys we've been working
with since we got here. He's 14 and went to youth conference this last
week. Bishop had him get up in sacrament meeting and bare his
testimony, it was amazing to see that! He also looked mad sharp in one
of my old suits. Another fun highlight was getting to go out on splits
with a new missionary, Elder Chauncey. He's being trained by Elder
Makuakane and he's such a stud. He's from Vegas and grew up down the
street from Bryce Harper. Probably one of my new all time favorite
missionaries because he's just so... normal. Seriously. He's the
typical leave right after high school kind of missionary and he's
gonna fit in well here in P1.

On Monday we weren't able to physically be at a lesson with Vafa and
her friend Maryealah, but the Bills went and Facetimed us in! How cool
is that? I feel so blessed to be in this mission with our tablets, it
makes missionary work so easy. Also, one of my favorite holidays
passed! 7/11 so I had to celebrate the right way with getting the
smallest free slurpee I've ever seen in my life. It's free though, so
I won't complain too much! I also had it pointed out to me that the
pictures from the children's Book of Mormon stories make for
incredible memes... it keeps me so entertained! Thank you for all of
your support, I'm looking forward to this week and I hope yous all
have a good one yourselves!

1) goodbye Elder Fowers, cya soon
2) teaching lessons from home! (I might have been wearing sweatpants)
3) free slurpees
4) cya Elder Jolley (if you saw pictures from 6 months ago to now
you'd be shocked because we were mad chubby)

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