Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Poutine, The Temple, and an Amazing Week

August 7, 2017

I'm not kidding this was one of the most exciting weeks I've ever had!
A mission is pretty exciting in itself, but generally a switch up of
your day to day finding and teaching is even more exciting! After
district meeting on Tuesday we headed to Center City to enjoy some
Panda Express before going to the temple to do service. Alright, has
anyone ever thought about the top of the temple before? Like what the
roof looks like? Because I never have. We somehow got the opportunity
to head up there and clean it!!! We also got to go into the spires on
the temple. It's not as luxurious in the spires, it's actually quite
dirty and a few long climbs on a ladder, but the view was amazing!
When we got to the top the other missionary showed me a little door
that you can open to go out on the balcony of the spire... I never
even imagined you could do that! Anyways the Philadelphia Temple's
roof is now clean because of a few missionaries dressed in white

That night I went with the elders in P4, Elders Yirena-Tawiah and
Cole. Since they only have two beds in the apartment the mission
supplied me with a pretty sweet inflatable mattress, still didn't
sleep too well but nonetheless it looks extremely comfy. Our day on
Wednesday was too fun. We took a long bus ride to a senior tower for a
few lessons. The Bills joined us when we taught a super nice less
active lady. There was some time between our next appointment across
the hall so the elders proposed we get lunch with the Bills. When the
question was asked "where should we go?" Without hesitation I said
"Taco Bell!". Now Sister Bills has told me many times she hates Taco
Bell but she promised she would try it to see if I could convince her
to like it. Long story short she's converted to Taco Bell and my
batting average is still perfect! We then went to teach this wonderful
lady named Sister Gateward. She's in her 80s, but got baptized like 2
months ago. She is hilarious! I wish I could have listened to her all
day. She complained about how the women who drive SEPTA have started
acting crazy since they started wearing pants and her explanation of
her old church was downright hilarious. She is the best story teller

After that we got drenched in the rain waiting for the bus, the rain
came out of nowhere. From there we headed back to their place so that
I could pack and get ready for the Zone leaders, Elders Lee and Brown
to pick me up. We went right out to Broomall for a training on family
history from a couple in our mission presidency. It seems like our
work might be done, but there's always more! I'm pretty pumped too
because he wasn't expected me to be with the Zone leaders, so I'll get
to go again soon with my companions.Thursday morning was the most fun
morning workout I've ever done. We ran from their apartment in South
Philly to the stadiums. Elder Lee told me it's the same run that Vince
Papale does from the Eagles stadium to his home in the movie
"Invincible". It was a long run and I thought I might die at the end,
but it was worth it. My day with them was mostly weekly planning and
them doing zone leader stuff, but for lunch we got poutine! I've been
wanting to get it for months and I finally got to try it! Fries
covered in cheese curds, gravy with chicken, bacon and ranch on it?

Saturday and Sunday were two wonderful ways to top it off. On Saturday 
we met up with Trey and some of the other guys I knew from the YSA to
do baptisms for the dead. Trey has been a member almost a year, lived
in Rexburg and never went to the temple hahaha. I had no idea but it
was exciting to be there with him for the first time! It was awesome
to see him though, he's such an amazing kid and I'm excited to see him
get sealed in a few weeks. Afterwards we got Carmen's cheesesteaks
which are always the best. That night we had dinner at the Bills house
for Sister Bills' Birthday! It was also my mom's birthday so Sister
Bills called and talked to her and all of us missionaries in the ward
got to sing happy birthday to my mom! I heard it made her cry haha I
can't even imagine what it will be like when I get home! We had some
amazing chicken alfredo and cheesecake. Another 10/10. Sunday was
amazing, we were able to have the baptism of our friend Dolly. She
fits right in with all the other African lady's in the ward that you'd
hardly even notice she wasn't a member until today. She's amazing and
was so excited for today!

I'm thankful for these amazing weeks I've been having. Time keeps
slipping, but trust me it's well spent. I might be running out of
money and I might be eating too much good food, but this work is
making me happy and I'm cherishing every moment I have left. I'm
thankful for such amazing companions and a bunch of other missionaries
I get to spend time with because they are helping me make this be an
incredible and unforgettable last transfer. Take care, enjoy the many
pictures and have a wonderful week!

1) temple scrubbers
2) Elder Moench and I on the spire
3) inside the spire
4) a view of the roof from the spire
5) phillyyy
6) post temple slurpees
7) my portable bed
8) phillies stadium
9) Wilt Chamberlain #trusttheprocess
10) poutine with Elder Brown and Elder Lee
11) a lady at the temple joked this was Trey's "bachelor party" idk
12) Dolly and the Squad!!

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