Wednesday, August 9, 2017

double stuf

July 31, 2017

I can't even begin to describe how fun this trio has been! I have some
awesome companions. This week we had interviews with President
Randall. We had to go to Broomall for them so we made sure to go to
Freddy's for lunch. My favorite thing about Freddy's is that they have
fry sauce! It's so amazing. Interviews were great! When I walked in
President Randall said "can we stand for this interview?" "Getting
tired President?" "Yeah, and I'm getting a headache!" So we stood for
the entire interview and just chatted haha. It was pretty cool. We
have the best mission President here in Philly!

We got to do some service this week for what feels like the first time
in forever. A family was moving out of their house and needed help
getting the yard ready. I got designated to edge the lawn which I've
never done before, but after some trying to remember how my mom did it
and some trial and error I figured it out! I edged that yard to
perfection. Then the family made us some Thai dish with chicken that
tasted like peanut butter and they bought us Oreo blizzards on the way
home! The family is top notch too, the dad is hilarious and the mom
played professional volleyball in Puerto Rico! I could go on about how
great they are, but they also bought us a bunch of Taco Bell last week
and that says enough about the kind of people they are:) we also moved
out another family who said it wouldn't be too much to move, but then
they only had us 3 to pack up and a few others came to unpack. The guy
is super Book smart, but I'd say his street smarts are lacking and it
wasn't as organized as I'd hope. They bought us pizza though so I'm
not mad at all! We've taught a bunch of cool people this week, but
there's so many new faces with our areas being combined. I think one
of my favorites is this guy named Issa. He calls Elder Makuakane
-President, Elder Chauncey - Vice, and himself the Secretary. I became
the General last week and I'm in charge of keeping them all safe! Not
sure what I'm keeping them safe from, but I'll do it! It's awesome
when we see him at church and just say "how's it going Secretary". We
had one of our newer investigators Esther come to church this week!
She seemed to love it. She'll definitely be baptized.

There was a cool small tender mercy as we were walking one day, it was
pretty hot and we were crossing a huge highway when a truck driver
yelled "hey y'all want some water?" So we ran up to his truck and his
tossed us a few super cold waters then handed me one and said "this
one has lemon in it!" with a big grin on his face. We've eaten a bunch
of Oreos this week then somehow ended up buying our own tubs of ice
cream. Somehow I ended up with a 4 minute video of me shoveling ice
cream in my mouth without getting a brain freeze! I'm loving it out
here, being a missionary is such a unique experience and I constantly
find myself smiling uncontrollably, which seems to completely
overshadow the hard times. I hope you all have a great week!

1) killin Oreos
2) all we do is dream about killin eggo waffles
3) killin ice cream
4) killin missionary work

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