Monday, March 14, 2016

It's Cold Here

February 15, 2016

It really is cold here. Nevertheless is was a GREAT week! We got
transfer calls as well and we will both be staying here another

Monday we got to go play basketball with all the elders in the zone,
which was a great way to start the week!! We had a lesson with Emin
that night, which ended up just teaching all the kids, each under the
age of 9! We didn't have a dinner appointment that night, but there is
this place near our apartment that has half price wings on Mondays and
wow they were amazing!

Tuesday was full of some good ole cancelations and what not, but we
were able to have a lesson with Daniel. Each time it's pretty much
uplifting his spirits and trying to help him in different ways to make
it to church on Sunday and have it not conflict with his job. We
decided to teach him about fasting and we fasted for him this Sunday.
Hopefully it helps, other than church attendance, he is so prepared.
The rest of the day we had a lesson with Maurice and dinner with the
Armstrong family with a bunch of little kids which always makes for an
entertaining dinner!

Wednesday morning we got haircuts from Sister Mckewon again. No matter
what we tell her she gives us these super trendy haircuts which is
fine with me haha. we had a few visits with Bill and Bro Benkert and a
few others but for some reason we can't remember what we did most the
day haha. I do remember that we met with Geraldo and pretty much set
the basis for starting the quit smoking program. We are excited for
that. The best part of Wednesday was we went to go have a lesson with
this family we found, the Jackson's. When we got there the house was
in pieces! They had inspection the next day and they needed to repaint
and do a bunch of stuff, so we helped Corbin move a bunch of couches
out and clean up a few things. When his wife Sam got home she was
pretty shocked we were there, but when she saw we were helping out
they were both so thankful! So we shared a quick video with them
before we headed out. I can't think of a better way to start this
whole thing!

Thursday was soooooo busy and great!! We had district meeting which
was super fun as always! The sisters asked us to go visit a less
active named Brother Buddenbaum, sweet name right?? I like to just say
it a lot. Buddenbaum. Anyways he went less active because his wife
went crazy and left him and he makes all these funny jokes about how
it was the longest 14 years of his life! I can't wait to go see him
again haha. We thought we'd go swing by Joshua, one of our
investigators and he was in his car just baked out of his mind, but
he's still progressing because we haven't taught him the word of
wisdom yet!! We had our lesson with Maurice and took him to teach with
us to sister Benfield and he did a great job teaching!! We visited
with sister Patton and she told us she doesn't think the Holy Ghost
understands her so we need to clear things up hahaha. We got to have
dinner with the Pray's again!! Then we had a lesson with the
MacDonalds and sister MacDonalds friend Miguel!! It was just a full
great day!

Friday started with weekly planning, then we had to go to the church
for a baptismal interview for one of the sisters investigators.
Afterwards we met with the relief society president to see if she had
anyone for the missionaries to see, then Bro Massimini took us out for
calzones:) I'm pretty sure the rest of our plans cancelled but we got
to finish the night teaching Christine and her kids about Christlike
attributes from PMG, something I think everyone should study!

Saturday we helped sister Meloney move and after we went off on our
way to Proselyte. Lo and behold 4 appointments, yes I say 4 cancelled
within an hour. Not bad eh? We had dinner with the Chatfields though
and Bro Chatfield told us if we didn't have appointments at night just
to go home because it was supposed to drop to like 1 degree. We did
have a lesson after that with the Jackson's and wow that was great! We
thought Sam wouldn't be too interested, but she straight up told us
she wants to get more into religion and is looking for a church and we
were like hey we can help!! Oh man we were going to start with the
restoration but she had so many questions on the plan of salvation.
Now I like to teach short lessons because they are easier and there is
less time for me to mess up and I don't have to think of so much ya
know? She had so many questions we had a 2 hour lesson! It didn't even
seem like that long!! But by the end she told us she loved what our
church believed and how we are so focused on families. She said she
wants us to teach her daughter before they make a decision. We didn't
even invite them to church or baptism and they said they are seriously
considering it!!! I'm so stoked!! And Corbin is such a homie, he walks
us out to our car after lessons and just chats with us!!

Sunday was great, as always because of church! We had a few more
things cancel on us, but we made the best of the cold and found people
to visit to stay warm. We got to eat dinner with Bishop Skoubyes
family and they were so cool! They took a picture and sent it to my
mom so I'll attach that one as well. Anyways we finished the night
with Book of Mormon study. And we started this morning playing
basketball with some ward members and a few non members! Oh how I wish
we could use that as a finding activity.

So my sister told me its a hard to keep all of my investigators
straight, so I'll tell a little about each one we are focusing on.

Jennifer & Geraldo are the ones getting married in March and getting
baptized the day after, we just gotta get Geraldo to quit smoking,
he's super close though! They have 4 kids.

Corbin & Sam Jackson are 25 and 28 and have two kids Gia and Justice
who are 9 and 6.

Joshua is this dope Filipino with a floppy Afro who's brain is
probably a little fried but he's so sick and he told us the Book of
Mormon is true.

Daniel is a less actives husband who wants to be baptized but works on Sunday's

Nyema is this super Liberian guy that I can't understand and he knows
the Book of Mormon is true and all that jazz but we can't get him to
commit to baptism.

We have a few others, but these are the focus crew! One of the sister
missionaries in our ward is getting transferred, and we found out we
are getting another set of missionaries In the district, and they are
sisters. That's me and elder Johnson, and 6 sister missionaries in a
district. I think we should be considered sister training leaders lol.
Anyways I think that is all for this week. It's way cold and stuff but
it's cool! I'm sure most of you heard, but there was a sister
missionary who passed away serving in the Pittsburgh mission. She was
from Davis so I'm sure it affected a lot of people I knew back home,
so keep her family and friends, as well as the Pittsburgh mission in
your prayers. I love you all, I hope you have a great week.

1) at the skoubyes
2) district pictures, and for some reason they always look awkward!
Isn't it the best?
3) and here's a selfie because bro Massimini always has sweet bucket hats

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