Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Here's My Weekly Newsletter Folks!

March 21, 2016

Hello gang! Hope you all had a great St. Patrick's day! I didn't even
know it was a holiday until like 4:30 that day, and I wasn't wearing
green either:( but anyways it's been another week so it looks like
I'll have another email for you all to read!

Monday was quite nice because we forgot to go shopping! Keep that in
mind! We taught Emin and went across the street to check on Joshua. We
talked to him about the stop smoking program we do and he's way stoked
to do it, and then we just asked his wife Ashley if she wants to quit
too and she said she was game to try it! So we celebrated with Tony's
wings afterwards!

Tuesday continues the Walcott adventures... Fred was in the hospital
last week so we were asked to go check up on him. They were pretty
much just chilling in their house because they never go anywhere. Well
Diane lost her keys and her phone! Luckily her phone was right in
front of her, but she failed to look down to find it so she was stoked
when I made the discovery! Fred needed some antibiotics, so out of
nowhere some guy picked up Diane and said "I'll be back in a minute!"
And we were stuck to sit there and "babysit" Fred. Now babysitting
Fred wasn't all too bad because he is like 70 years old and has many
loose bolts in his head. So we just asked him a billion questions
about things and listen to his outrageous answers! She had to have
been gone a good 45 minutes... At least! We were supposed to teach
Joshua and Ashley the stop smoking program but they had company all
day so she was ko'ed when we got there, so we just taught Joshua the
10 Commandments out of the Book of Mormon. Everything always just
makes sense to him. Oh and he also got a job with Geraldo so he's
bringing in cash and tired all the time now... Just like Geraldo haha!

Wednesday we finally got to teach Daniel again. He's so prepared for
Baptism, except he works every Sunday :( We had been focusing on
sharing the Easter video this week. So we ended up in a Christian
Recovery home and shared the video. A few LA's and this homie named
Marvin on the street. Marvin was odd, and super quiet. We showed him
the video and I can't tell if he enjoyed it or not because he showed
no emotion except for the shame on his face when I asked him what his
fluffy white dogs name was and he said "Snowball..." Alright Marvin
you have a nice day! I figured the Green's would enjoy that I met an
odd man named Marvin! We visited Jennifer and Geraldo that night and
they are doing great! Seems to me like they are already trying to get
a bunch of people for us to teach!

Thursday we had a pretty good district meeting but I can't remember
what it was on, then we taught Phoenix which went really well! We
taught Maurice and were really bold with what the next step for him is
and he was very receptive to it. Visited with Sis Benfield for the
last time because she hits her year mark this week, and visited with
Sis Patton and we had this whole long discussion on what prejudice
actually means because she thinks she is prejudice... But she not sure
why? We went to see the MacDonald's and Gavin is still sick and tired
and he wouldn't come down, but we still had a great lesson with the
rest of the family.

Now Friday was rough because everything we had cancelled... Even
President cancelled out training. It was nuts haha

Saturday also was rough because it was a straight day of finding and
it wasn't successful at all. Luckily we got to start the day helping
out with special olympics which was quite fun! We had dinner with the
Delahunty's that night which was probably the highlight! I wore my
glasses that day and the Delahunty's thought I was a different

Sunday was nice, I wore my glasses again to see if anyone wouldn't
recognize me again! We confirmed Jennifer and Geraldo so they are
officially members now! We stopped by Corbin and his last week was
pretty busy and stressful so we chatted with him a bit and he thinks
we are the dopest haha. After dinner with the Chatfields we swung by
Joshua's to check up on him. His friend Lee was there so we talked to
him and he seems interested so we hopefully can work with him. While
we were there Jennifer and Geraldo's kids knocked on Joshua's door
held up a Book of Mormon and said "do you want to come to the church
to study this with us?" Great work kids!

So as I was studying this week I came across two scriptures 1 Nephi
1:7 and Alma 18:42. The first is about Lehi and the second about King
Lamoni. Now each of these two men felt the spirit so strongly that
they fell asleep. Whether they cast themselves on their bed or just
fell to the ground. So I think that's why I am always tired on my
mission because I feel the spirit so strongly! Or I just have an iron

Anyways it's been a good week, it was kinda hard at moments, but you
can't expect everything in life to be easy or fun or comfortable. I've
been thinking about writing handwritten letters, so I'll probably try
to start doing that more often, ideally it would be sweet if people
wrote me to get me their addresses, but I know that's quite a stretch
so I'm just going to get incredibly good at finding addresses on
google maps! I hope you all have a great Easter week and celebrate the
resurrection this Sunday. It's a comfort knowing that there's more to
the plan than just this earth life. I love you all!

Here's a picture of the Zone with Pres. and Sister Anderson and our names!!!

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