Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What a Sick Week!

March 7, 2016

Hello everyone who reads this newsletter!!! I hope all is well and
your not getting sick like I am!!! It's been a "sick" week, but you
still gotta get work done even if your a missionary!!!

Monday started out pretty nuts, remember how my investigator Joshua
was homeless?? Well we finally got a text from him and met him outside
a pizza place. He'd been walking around for 2 days straight so we
hooked him up with a slice of pizza while he told us all his problems
going on with his wife. He said we were his only friends who actually
had his back, poor Joshua;( we made sure he had a place to go and a
full belly and we sent him off and told him to check in every few
hours!!! The rest of the day was the usual emailing and whatnot, then
we had dinner with the Bartholomews and taught Emin.

Tuesday started the sicknesses. Me and Elder Johnson joke because
we've been comps for like 2 months and he's pretty much been sick in
some sort of way the entire time. I got to watch a ton of Mormon
messages though!! We went and taught Carla and she's doing well. We
just read the Book of Mormon with her and encouraged her to keep
reading. She likes to take and read it at dialysis. We had a chance to
teach Maurice and the guy hasn't been to church in weeks, he told us
things kept going wrong with his and his families health and all this
stuff and it just wasn't a good time. We told him that there will
never be a "perfect time" to go to church, we always have struggles.
The Lord will provide and take care of his family while he's gone for
3 hours. We had dinner with the Pray's which is something we always
look forward to! They made Cap'n Crunch French toast!!!

Wednesday was another day of sickness and unsuccessful finding. That
night we did have dinner with Jennifer and Geraldo and talked to
Geraldo about temples and what not! They are the best haha and they
just love talking to us! We left and went right across the street to
Joshua's for a lesson. We read from the Book of Mormon, and it's just
so cool how much he loves it! Oh and he worked out things with his
wife and he's back home so no worries about Joshua!!

Thursday we had zone training, so that took up a good chunk of the
morning. Afterwards we went to Jennifer's to get some stuff lined up
for the baptism. When we pulled up Joshua leaned his head out the
window and said "Yo Chapter 5 was dope!! I'm just gonna go ahead and
read chapter 6!!!" Haha he's the best, especially because Chapter 5
isn't that dope compared to Chapter 4 when Nephi cuts off Laman's head
but hey the spirit is working strong there!! We visited with Bill and
before we left we got a text from Corbin, who just lives down the
street, to stop by before we leave. We walked in and he said "Hey I'm
getting married tomorrow at 2 and I want you guys to be here!!" So
that was sweet!! We had a lesson with Sister Benfield, and another
outrageous one with Sis Patton! She said something crazy about
Catholics praying to Mother Theresa for blowing up??? We don't really
understand... But we visited the MacDonald's and Gavin has mono so he
was asleep when we got there:( poor little fella

Friday we went and visited one of the sisters recent converts Paul.
He's an older guy but he runs every day so he's in way good shape!! He
loves art and it's all over his house!!! We talked to him about
temples and temple sealings. He's solid, but he's still super Catholic
hahaha. We went to Corbin's wedding. It was just in his living room
and it was way short, but good!!! We walked out and Corbin said "I
decided I want to stay with your church." So we are like sweet we've
hardly taught you anything?? And he said him and his wife want to do a
bigger wedding in a few years and he wants to do it in the church.
Little does he know that we usually do not marry in the church, so we
gotta teach him about temples ASAP!! After that and a visit with Bro
Benkert, we taught our new investigator Phoenix and surprisingly he's
pretty solid? He loved the restoration and recognized after Jesus
Christ we were in an apostasy! We gave him a Book of Mormon too and
he's so stoked!! We decided we are going to take it real slow, get him
a huge testimony of the Book of Mormon, and have him love the church
then we will drop the law of chastity on him!! We had dinner with the
Delahunty's that night and they are so odd haha but it's the best!! We
finished Friday with a lesson with Christine. She took her driving
test a week ago, but she failed because she turned right when they
said left;)

Saturday was rough haha we taught Maurice and it went well, and every
single thing we planned to do that day cancelled except dinner. We
tried everyone, even our backups backups backups and there was no
success. So we tried finding on the streets, the mall, and nothing.
The highlight of the day was we got Chick-Fil-a with the Chatfields!!

Sunday was pretty average, I mean it was good meetings but none of our
investigators came. We suspect they were out partying the night
before... Geraldo passed his baptismal interview though so he is on
track to be baptized on the 13th!! This Sunday!! That took a good
chunk of our day, so we went to the Chatfields for dinner haha they
are the best and we went to see Orin. Well Orin decided to cook for us
so we got back to back dinners it was rough!! Orin's friend Michelle
was there again and it was funny because they started going off on how
annoying JW's are, then Michelle started telling us how much she
respected Mormons so we gave her a Book of Mormon and headed on our
way to Book of Mormon study.

Well that's pretty much our week! Our investigators are doing well and
we are both getting sick, each day it got worse but I didn't care to
capitalize on that lol, but it's okay we will be fine in a few days!!
Hope you all have a great week everyone!!

1) Christmas in March!!!
2) I think it's a groundhog

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