Monday, March 14, 2016

I've been out here so long I can't think of a creative subject line

February 22, 2016

Helloooo everyone it has been a week let me tell ya!! And it's
actually been 6 months since I left that great place called home! It
flew by, I can tell you that. This week kinda flew by too, so buckle
up as I try to remember what happened!

Monday was awesome because we got to go place basketball with a few
members from the ward and a bunch of nonmembers!! We did our shopping
and laundry at Bro Massimini's and all that good stuff. By the way we
officially got told this week that the emails have been acting up and
not going through, so I apologize if you haven't got an email from me
recently. Anyways it started snowing so our cars got grounded and Bro
Massimini had to drive us to our appointment with Emin. It's so funny
because he definitely likes us and is excited when we come, then he
asks why we are there, we tell him we came for him and he gets
slightly bummed! I think he's so funny! Since our cars were grounded
Bro Massimini drove us home, but took us to Tony's pizza right before
we went in and we got soooo many wings it was amazing!

Tuesday we had to wait for Bro Massimini to pick us up so we could
grab our car at his place. When we came back it was POURING rain!! It
was awesome! So we walked to Carla's and got drenched and she was
home! We've been trying to get in contact with her for forever,
because she disappeared. We walked to visit Bruce and he finally let
us in and we chatted with him. He's the crazy guy who wants to move
out and live in a tent, but we asked him about it and he said he just
signed a year contract for his apartment so I guess he will have to
wait on his luxury tent. It was cool though he had all these antiques
and we were able to talk to him about the temple. He asked us what it
was like in there and we told him about the open house and whatnot! We
went to have our lesson with Maurice at the library and he was pretty
late, so the lesson got out late, but it was a tender mercy because
right as we finished Nyema walked in the library to get his computer
fixed! He saw us and asked if we could do a study so we said "Sure."
And we grabbed Maurice as well. Nyema loved having Maurice in the
lesson and actually listened to him, unlike us white boys who he kind
of ignores hahaha. It was sweet too because Nyema wanted to read Alma
3 and it talked about the cursed people having dark skin so he had mad
questions about that. It was a great lesson though and Nyema asked if
Maurice could come to future lessons, so we definitely received a way
to hopefully get through to Nyema. It was tight too because as we were
finishing up that lesson Bruce walked in so we joked we should just
sit at the library and wait for people to come to us to teach them! We
had dinner with the Chatfield's, and since we were up in the area we
thought we'd try to teach Joshua and it was such an awesome lesson. We
taught the plan of salvation and it all made sense to him and we
taught him to pray at the end. I think that could be one of the most
Important things we teach to our investigators.

Wednesday we visited with Bill. He had a few questions for us and he
has so many crazy ideas of things. After we explained a bit about the
premortal existence and how we came here he asked if we were space
travelers like no Bill. We visited with Bro Buddenbaum and we devised
a plan to teach his son Max when he was visiting on the weekend. We
got to teach Geraldo the stop smoking lesson and that thing is gnarly
haha I love how outrageous some steps are.

Thursday was an extremely full day! We had our district meeting, and
now we have 4 companionships, then the ZL's and AP's came so we had
the biggest district meeting!! Afterwards we had another lesson with
Joshua and we just read the first two chapters of the Book of Mormon
and he loved it. He said each meeting was just getting better and
better! He's so solid, and since he lives across the street from
Jennifer and Geraldo, he's been fellowshippers hardcore!! We met with
Jennifer right after to go over the baptismal interview questions and
she's so ready! We snagged some quick Taco Bell and had a lesson with
Maurice, Sis Benfield and Sis Patton one after another. We hardly had
time to eat dinner before we had a lesson at the MacDonald's! Sis
MacDonald's kids have been pretty sick lately. Mostly just Gavin and
all he does is sleep now, but she said everytime we come he lights up
a bit! The gospel is great.

Friday we visited Bro Dyott, because he recently lost a friend so we
gave him some company. We got a few lesson cancellations, but the
sisters had a baptism so we attended that and had a lesson with
Christine to finish the night.

Saturday we helped a family move stuff into storage, visited with Bro
Benkert and did a little finding. We had dinner with the Delahunty's
who are just hilarious! Their daughter was there because she just
broke up with her boyfriend and she was just over on the couch all sad
most the time and her parents just ignored her and said she'd have to
go through it someday hahaha. The best was Bro Delahunty asked us
about the dome of the Rock and how people think it will be moved to
rebuild the temple and stuff, then he said they should just put down
the ark of the covenant and call it a day. Dinner with them is always
super interesting I love it!

Sunday was pretty good, we visited Bro Buddenbaum's son Max after
church and brought Tyler Chatfield and Max was just super awkward so
it was a super awkward lesson it was just great!! We had dinner with
the Dyott's to celebrate their dogs birthday and finished the week
with Book of Mormon study, we are almost done too!!

I've decided that the most annoying thing on missions is mile
limitations with the cars. It makes it so hard to work. Anyways I
don't really have too much else to say, this week was sorta average
but we taught triple the lessons we did the first week I got here. So
I guess we are doing something right? I love you all and I hope you
all have a great week!

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