Thursday, April 21, 2016

Holiness to the Lord

April 11, 2016

So it's been a Temple themed week, I'm not sure why, probably because
we have only 4 months until the temple open house! The hype is real
here folks! Oh and I got a new companion named Elder Mackay. He's from
Idaho and he's been out 18 months, so I got an old timer to hasten the
work here in Morrisville!

While the common theme was Temples, we focused a lot on goal setting
with our teachees. The great thing about goal setting in the temple is
to always have the goal be the Temple. How can that be a goal without
knowing about the peace and comfort we can feel in there?

Last week during conference Phoenix asked about temples so we
explained a bit and he said that would be his goal, what a kick off to
a great week! We taught Phoenix the Word of Wisdom and all he's gotta
give up is his occasional coffee. What a blessing to us! We were able
to set him with a baptismal date for May 21st and he's pretty stoked!
Carla prayed about a date for herself and she decided April 30th so we
will have to work hard to make that one but she at least has the
desire! Sadly Joshua has fallen off track a bit and it will take some
time to get him back on track. His marriage is super rough right now,
so the Rosa's plan on working with them and setting them straight.

Corbin is doing good though! He's set for baptism on May 14th which
will take some work, but he's making good steps! He's had a lot of
questions about temples since he came to church a month ago, so we
brought Brother Pray and they ended up just chatting about temples and
how the gospel blesses our lives and our families lives, we didn't
even have to teach! It's the best when a member can connect with an
investigator like that!

From my experience there's always a few investigators that are just
super shakey. This week was so great because we got to see two of our
iffy gators make strides. First Bill, who we've been taking it slow
with told us he wants us to start teaching him the PMG lessons again!
Second is Nyema, our Liberian investigator. He's a tough one, but this
week we didn't pound any principles in him, or really do anything, but
answer his questions about the Book of Mormon. We asked him what he
thought about the Book of Mormon. The lesson ended up with him telling
us he will finish the Book of Mormon in 4 weeks and make his decision
about baptism!

Our less active and recent converts all got taught about the temple.
We used "See Yourself in the Temple" by Elder Cook. They all want to
get there so bad so that's something we can work with. Sister
Benfield, the convert of a year, went to the temple for her first
endowment session this week which we were stoked about! To end it all
off right the ward did a Temple fireside, where the Carrs, who are in
charge of the temple, came and talked to us about it. I'm so excited!
Oh and the Carrs are from Centerville so I got to talk to them a
little about good ole home.

I feel so blessed to have a temple being built in my mission.
Especially right in the city for all to see! I have a feeling the work
will just explode with the temple being soon finished and it provides
a great goal for all those we teach. Hopefully soon I'll be able to go
back there myself. I love you guys, I hope you have a great week!

1) the old Morrisville squad before Sister Petrick and Elder Johnson
got transferred
2) this is that picture of Jesus I talked about a few weeks ago!

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