Thursday, April 21, 2016

I Can't Think of a Catchy Subject Line Today

April 4, 2016

I get to stay in Morrisville! Isn't that cool? We had transfer calls
on Saturday and I get to stay, but Elder Johnson is going. We saw it
coming because he's been here for all 6 months of his mission! I'm
stoked I get to keep working here because we just keep teaching and
finding all day and it's pretty rad!

Let me tell ya it's been one gnarly week, with some solid General
Conference, wouldn't you all say? I spent one day in Philly again with
Elder Payne and everyone's so hood, it's awesome. A few days ago we
had a super solid lesson with Phoenix and we told him about general
conference and he was so stoked! Then we told him we could come to his
house and watch it with him and I think he almost fell out of his
chair! We watched Saturday Morning session with him and that was one
of the most powerful sessions I've seen. We all really enjoyed it! It
was hilarious because he brought out cut up fruit for us to snack on,
and later he mentioned that he wanted to get us a snack but he read
online we could only eat healthy things and no chocolate or candy. We
told him that wasn't true at all and he was super bummed he spent time
cutting up fruit instead of just buying a big ole bag of chips haha.
Crazy stuff they put on the internet eh?

Speaking of crazy stuff put on the Internet, Corbin's wife is really
skeptical. Not just of our church but of everything. So she said she's
been doing her own studying on the Internet and we are like ugh no
don't do that!! So she has all these outrageous ideas that we have to
clear up. Corbin is doing fine though!

We lost contact with Joshua all week, his 18 month old took his phone
haha. So between Sunday sessions we stopped by and taught him and
brought him to the last session! I think he enjoyed it, but he said he
wished there was more people watching it at the chapel, it was quite

Yesterday we pretty much stayed the whole day at the church. So we
couldn't go out to eat, but luckily I snagged some granola bars to eat
for dinner. So we smacked on those at the church, then all the sudden
Sister Benfield brings in a ton of snacks for us and Brother Massimini
brings in a ton of ice cream for us! Don't worry mom and dad, I get
taken care of here!

Well that's pretty much it, the weekend flys by when you watch 10
hours of TV. I absolutely loved conference this year. Especially
Saturday morning session. What a blessing it is to be taught by all of
our leaders twice a year! What I loved it watching it and thinking
about all my friends and family watching it in Utah and all over the
world at the same time as me. Something that Elder Anderson said stuck
out to me "knowing someone's name can make a difference". Well
everyone I guess that's all for the week, I'm excited to continue my
work here and Elder Johnson picked up a few gators for me while I was
in Philly so you'll get to hear about them next week! I love you guys,
keep reading your scriptures and praying!

1) here's us with Brother Dyott, he's a good guy
2 & 3) parx casino!!!

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