Thursday, April 21, 2016

Elder Smith Times Two

April 18, 2016

You know it was a good week when it flew by so fast you can't remember
anything! I'll try to remember the best I can so bear with me on this

As far as our in investigators go... Carla is doing great! She's so
excited to be baptized and she's pretty much a golden investigator.
She even signed up to feed us this week! Geraldo is getting the
priesthood soon so he will most likely be baptizing her!

We kinda lost track of Joshua and he was going MIA, but we talked with
his wife Ashley and set up a time to meet with her and yesterday we
taught her and he was there too! It was super rough because the kids
were running amok and I kept loosing focus but she seemed so into the
restoration and she said she would definitely pray about the Book of

We finally got to teach a part member family this week. This guys name
is Ma, he is the boyfriend of a less active named Crystal. Well Ma is
a trendy dude! He's always rocking a do rag and the dopest clothes and
he's just an incredibly nice guy, even better is he is so solid! He
asked all the right questions and he spirit was so strong so he
accepted our baptismal invite for June 4th! Good guy!

Kinda a funny story, Phoenix was all stoked for church and he said he
would definitely be there, but just as every Sunday morning we don't
see him walk in. We were so confused because all signs pointed to him
attending this week. We had a lesson with him right after church and
turns out he hired an Uber driver, who couldn't find his apartment
complex so the driver called and got mad and cancelled his ride, so
thus my investigator could not attend church hahaha my life!!!

Let's see so I think one of the best parts of the week was that I got
to go on exchanges with another Elder Smith! It was way fun because we
got to go introduce ourselves as elder smith and elder smith! Some
people were way confused haha, anyways we also got to serve at an old
persons home on the exchange, which was dope because all these old
ladies were just kicking it around a big ole tv playing wii bowling
and every time we walked by they bragged to us about how good they
were playing!

Does anyone remember a few weeks ago when we had that dope Haitian
dude show up at church? Well I finally sent his record over to the
sisters and they called him up and he's way solid! He was at church
and during elders quorum he pretty much taught us about tithing! I'm
stoked for the sisters but a little bummed I can't teach him.

Well friends and family it was a quick week because we taught the most
lessons this area has seen in quite a long time, by far the most
lessons I've taught on my mission. We are loving it here, Elder Mackay
is a great companion and the lord is blessing us sooo much! I love
teaching because that's when you can feel the spirit so strongly and
we get to tell people how much the gospel will bless their lives and
by the end they are always asking "well how can I find out if this is
true?" That's the part I love because we get to introduce them to the
Book of Mormon and give them one of their own copies, then we get to
see their eyes light up and their determination to read! I was blessed
to see it more than once this week and it just reminds me I'm out here
for a reason. I love you guys, i miss you a lot, have a great week!

1) me and Elder Smith!
2) our zone, notice how overrun it is with sisters
3) Brother Massimini came back from Hershey, PA with this gorgeous
hunk of chocolate
Additonal photo of Dylan and his companion at the Chatfields last Sunday.

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