Monday, May 2, 2016

White Trash Service

April 25, 2016

As you can see above, this week had a lot of service, but I'll get to
that in a minute. We had a pretty sweet week. Carla and Phoenix both
came to church and they are doing really well! They should both be
baptized within the next month! We had a few sweet lessons this week,
especially a big one with Phoenix that got us past a pretty big
roadblock! Carla even fed us this week! We finally got to have a
lesson with this guy Lucious that Elder Johnson picked up as an
investigator right before he left. He read the restoration pamphlet
and pretty much taught us the entire thing and believes it's true!
Then Nyema came in and pretty much taught him about priesthood
authority, it was crazy sweet because I hardly had to teach! The less
we have to teach, the better they understand.

So this week Joshua's wife Ashley decided she wanted to buy a trailer
7 trailers down from the one they are in now! We volunteered our help
because we all know how much I love to get out of a shirt and tie! So
a small trailer move doesn't sound too hard right? Especially only
being 7 trailers down? But there was a catch! The old couple, Larry
and Mair needed help moving to their new double wide, 4 trailers down.
We were ready to tackle this and get them out quick, but lo and behold
they didn't pack a single thing! No boxes, just a buncha garbage bags
and loose items. This place looked like a decent candidate for
Hoarders. Anyways we moved pictures, frames, garbage, chairs, more
garbage and garbage. Oh and I don't think they cleaned once in the 30
years they have lived there, which was proven when we picked up a
couch and Elder Mackay's foot disappeared in a pile of dust! Even more
evidence was when I couldn't go 20 seconds without sneezing. It took
two days of moving to turn a new fresh double wide into another
hoarders home, there was hardly any room to walk! A few days later we
went back to help Ashley clean her "new" trailer. We found a bunch of
rotting in the wood walls and a ton of water stains on the ceiling
that had been spray painted to cover up the blemishes! There was even
mold growing out of the ceiling and on the windows. Luckily Ashley
hadn't signed anything or handed any money over yet, so Bro Massimini
and her dad talked her out of buying it. So while it may seem like it
was a big waste of time, we had a ton of fun and as Bro Massimini
says, we were BTRing (building a relationship of trust)!

We also got to do more service at the senior center, which was pretty
much just sweeping and moping a huge floor, and we helped Bro
Massimini clean out the Special Olympics shed to get ready for the big
track and field meet next week! It was fun doing a bunch of manual
labor this week, reminds me of all my time in Lehighton!

We had our last interviews with President Anderson this week. He
shined each elders shoes when they came in for their interviews. He's
such a good guy, I'll miss him a bunch. Well that's about it for this
week so I'll leave you with a nice scripture. Sister Anderson had a
Book of Mormon that each missionary marked their favorite scripture
in. Most of my favorites are pretty well known, but then I thought
about a scripture my Uncle Ken told me about at my farewell.
Alma 29:3 But behold, I am a man, and do sin in my wish; for I ought
to be content with the things which the Lord hath allotted unto me.
We need to just be thankful with what we've been given. Our Heavenly
Father has blessed us with so much and we should be happy with it.
Although we won't be perfect , we are perfect to him. I hope it's a
good week for you all!

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