Monday, May 2, 2016

Good Dogs

This week was busy busy busy let me tell you that! Phoenix had a big
concern about polygamy and some how, probably with the help of the
spirit, we destroyed any concern he ever had. He's way excited to be
baptized and he's doing so well! As well as occasionally coming
running with us in the morning, he came to half price wing Monday at
Tony's and he's feeding us this week! We are so excited for him to be
baptized so we can take him teaching with us all the time! He came to
church again yesterday and was talking to a bunch of different people
and went and sat with some members his age! We are so stoked for him!
Carla is doing well too, sadly she couldn't make it to church
yesterday due to health reasons, so we will probably be pushing her
date back to be baptized the same day as Phoenix, May 21.

This week we were able to pick up a few new less active to teach.
One's name is Alsah, he's 19 and from Liberia. He's a massive
individual and he's got these sweet dreads he's been growing out for a
while. He's just such a nice kid and he's interested in learning about
the Book of Mormon... It's funny because he doesn't even know he's a
member, though he's been to the church before. We also picked up
another Liberian named Urias. He actually served a mission in Africa
about 10 years ago so he showed us all of his pictures and told us all
about his mission and how much he loved it. I guess he's just
incredibly busy doing school and work right now that it's hard for him
to get to church, but his testimony is still there!

We had a sweet service opportunity on Saturday where we got to
volunteer at the Special Olympics track and field competition, but the
best part is what we got to do there! Brother Massimini's brother Phil
own's a hot dog trailer called Good Dogs, based of off Good Burgers,
ya know like "welcome to good burgers, home of the good burgers, how
may I help you?" and he asked us to help him out! It was way fun being
able to watch all the special needs kids doing track and field events
while getting all the parents of the kids hot dogs and pretzels. We
went through 300 pretzels and at least 300 hot dogs too! Let me tell
you they really are good dogs! We ate our share during the event to
provide nourishment for our young hard working missionary bodies. Then
after the event we went to a members for dinner and lo and behold they
fed us hot dogs. So many hot dogs that day...

Like I said it's been a really fun busy week! It's pretty crazy to me
that Mother's Day is coming up this week, already my second time
calling home. Time does fly when your working hard and having fun! A
member made a sweet video of the temple being built and something
pretty interesting is that the temple is being built pretty much as
see level so essentially the foundation could possibly move and the
temple would wear down quick which we know is not how temples are
built. So they drilled deep down into the earth and attached huge
metal cables from the bedrock to the foundation of the temple. How
firm a foundation right? Just as we need to have a firm foundation
ourselves. I hope it's a great week for you all, I know it will be a
good one for me because I get to finish off my week by calling

2) us with Phil
3&4) just a typical raid

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