Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Reading Railroad!

So they shipped me out of Morrisville, one of the nicer areas in the
mission and dropped me right into the poorest city around, Reading!
For clarification purposes it's pronounced RED-ING. So now when you
all go play Monopoly you can say Reading Railroad in the correct way
because this is the place where you find that railroad. So a little
background on reading, it's like the 4th biggest city in PA, so we
cover a fraction of it and then the rest of our area is some farmland
(like Lehighton) and some nice suburbs (like Morrisville). So it's
pretty diverse. Luckily I'm still in a ward, the Reading 1st Ward, so
I don't have to deal with branch problems. My new companions name is
Elder Fisher from Roy, Utah. He's been out 3 months.

Oh man oh man so this place is full of Latinos and pretty much
everyone speaks Spanish, it's super interesting! I guess I'll try to
brush up on my Spanish while I'm here. We have a bunch of
investigators who are pretty iffy because that's just how poor people
are. We have this kid named Benneson, he's 19. He's actually part of
this huge friend group who missionaries have been teaching from time
to time. He seems like a good kid and he seems really interested so we
put him on date for July 10th.

Upstairs from him is a girl named Hendy, I think she's from the
Dominican Republic. Missionaries have had a hard time getting in
contact with her, so they have only taught her once, but we stopped by
and she was home! We asked her about her Book of Mormon reading, she
said it wasn't too good. So I asked her where she was at, expecting
Maybe 1 Nephi 15, no she said Alma 6. We also found out her aunt is a
member in the DR, so we had a great lesson with her and set her on
date for July 10th!

The first day I got here a guy ran up to us and asked if we were
Mormons. Then he asked what made us different so I talked to him about
prophets and the Book of Mormon and he asked if he could meet with us!
We've had two lessons with D'Anthony and I'm not going to lie he is
super weird, but he's loving everything and says the Book of Mormon
has been helping him out so much!

We have this other guy named Jason, who thinks he's a gangster but
he's super white, it's funny to hear him talk! Reminds me of my non
hood investigators back in Morrisville.

We are super blessed though because we are teaching this dope guy
named Paul, he's our ward mission leaders friend. Now both of them are
from a country right by Liberia so I'm stoked to be teaching more
Africans! Paul had a date to be baptized this Saturday, but there's
still a ton to be taught, so we pushed him back to June 11th, but he's
super ready!

So it's nice because we have a good amount people to work with, but
I'm still weary of it because of the commitment level of the people
here. This zone has the lowest amount of baptisms this year so I'm
hoping to change that, at least with my district. I live in a house in
a good nice part of the area so I'll attach my address so you can all
send me letters and packages and food! I feel so blessed to be out
here serving a mission. Especially being out 9 months. When I
introduce myself no one ever says "oh your a young one!" Or "you still
need someone to show you along the way!" I've been blessed with great
companions the past few months who have taught me a lot, especially
Elder Mackay, and I've really learned so much and grown to where I
have confidence in teaching people and missionaries about the Savior.
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

1) my boy Phoenix! He's officially a member now!
2) my favorite people, George and Elder Mackay
3) the new district! As you can see Elder Martinez is somehow still my
zone leader. That makes all 9 months of my mission with him! And his
boy Elder Laine is back with us!
4) I found my love once again

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