Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Elder Smith & Elder Mackay, Missionaries or Home Renovators?

May 16, 2016

What a busy week it was! We taught some sweet lessons and picked up a
new gator named James! Pretty sure he's from Ghana, one of those
really spiritual foreign guys! We got to teach Steve this week, the
guy the sisters handed over to us, and man is he solid! He is on date
for June 5th, which I feel he's ready for, but logistically he
probably won't be able to be baptized then with all the stuff we still
have to teach him! A sweet miracle we saw this week came by teaching
the Rosa's daughter Asiye. She's turning 8 in June and while we just
got told we shouldn't be teaching the kids of member families, we
decided we still needed to because a) we promised them we would and b)
they are so new to the gospel that she wasn't raised up knowing any of
this and c) we teach Jennifer while we are there too so it's not a
waste of our time. So we showed up to teach her and there was a lady
named Sarah there, she's an aid for the kids because they are all
homeschooled. So as we were teaching Asiye she started asking
questions and finally we just pulled her into the lesson and invited
her to pray about the Book of Mormon! She was way stoked when we gave
her a copy, and she said she would read it with Asiye! What a blessing
it was!

The big crazy thing this week was we got asked by some of my favorite
people, the Pray's, to come help clean their new house. So I finally
got to spend some time in the nice part of the ward! It's an awesome
big house, but it's pretty old style and it wasn't cleaned too well
over the years. We had a really fun time cleaning windows and floors,
cracking jokes, eating pizza and tearing apart the kitchen! They were
so thankful that they are taking us to a Brazilian restaurant tonight!
But the renovation doesn't stop there! Ashley bought a new trailer
that needed the carpet removed, so who does she enlist to help? Us of
course! So we tore up all the carpet, but it doesn't stop there! The
next day we went with Corbin and Brother Massimini to install new
carpet! They both have experience with carpet so we were pretty
covered. We ran into like 8 roadblocks during the day but we were
successful in laying down one room and the rest of it will be finished
this week. We used our members AND our investigators wisely! But it
doesn't stop there! We also got asked to move some boxes at the
Daniel's new home. Now remember a few months ago how they told us they
needed more room than their massive house because it was getting too
tight? Well they definitely got more room! This house was absolutely
insane! Probably the most roomy house I've ever been in! The basement
was unfinished and you could easily fit an entire chapel in there!
(missionary terminology eh?)

So while we did some great service this week we are stoked because
Carla and Phoenix will be getting baptized this week! They are both so
excited and doing so well! I've seen them the whole way through and
I'm so stoked for them! Sadly I won't be able to see them be baptized
because I found out I'm getting transferred out of Morrisville
tomorrow. I was extremely disappointed when I found out, so was Elder
Mackay, but I just had to keep singing in my head "I'll go where you
want me to go dear Lord". I've never been so angry to being so content
in just a day. It's a blessing how much church can calm someone down.
I'll miss this place so much, a few tears were shed having to say
goodbye to people but I guess I'm needed somewhere else and I got
called to be a  district leader in a district full of elders. Stark
contrast from the sistrict I've been in the past 5 months, but I guess
I will do all that I can to be of help to those in the district and my
new area. So I'll be writing from somewhere new next week! So don't
send anything to this address, either wait a week or send it to the
mission home. I hope you all have a great week!

a) the carpet slaying
b) my boy Corbin, gonna miss this guy
c) the Rosa gang! Gonna miss em a ton too!
d) district

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