Monday, May 9, 2016

I Got to Call Home!

It's always a good week when it starts off with a nice birthday meal
for your companion at Buffalo Wild Wings! We had a good week, while we
may have had some unfortunate moments such as no young men, nor their
leaders, showing up to go on splits with us and having to cancel an
appointment, however we taught some fun lessons and we have a lot of
people here in the Morrisville Ward getting ready for baptism.

One of our investigators we haven't seen in a while, Orin, invited us
over for dinner this week. It's always a blast because he says
outrageous things and makes fun of his friend Michelle while she cooks
us food! Towards the end we shared the Mormon message about a bishop
in England talking about what the Book of Mormon means to him, and
somehow shifted into Orin wanting to come to church next week,
inviting Michelle, then telling Michelle she needs to get baptized
with him and started joking with her telling her to quit coffee,
smoking and drinking. Needless to say it was in a joking funny manner,
but I've never had any of my investigators tell another one to get

We were super stoked this week because we were given a new
investigator to teach. His name is Steve and he is a members
boyfriend. He's met with the sisters before and came to church twice.
They found out he lives in our area and handed him over to us with a
baptismal date of June 5th! He's pretty solid and hilarious, we've
been his guide during church and priesthood meeting the past few weeks
so we are stoked to teach him. He also has a great beard!

While yes the week started off great with Buffalo Wild Wings it ended
great talking to my family. For those of you who aren't my family,
they are doing just great and they got a brand new refrigerator which
I'm pretty stoked about! Anyways me and Elder Mackay did a training at
Zone Training this week and we based it off Elder Oak's first
conference address in October of 1984 "Why do we serve?". It's one of
the best talks I've ever read, especially if your a missionary. So I
suggest reading it if anyone's interested. Have a good week everyone!
Stay safe out there and remember who you are!

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