Monday, July 25, 2016

Elder Smith: Demon Slayer

July 11, 2016

It was sort of an odd week. For as many appointments cancelled, we
still saw some success, but I'll just toss out some highlights from
this week. Starting with this morning, we ran up to the Pagoda this
morning and I'm dead tired now so that's fantastic! Elder Bucheger
wore a Spider-Man suit so all these people waved to us and stopped us
to take pictures!

We had interviews with our new mission president, President Randall,
this week! Probably the best interview I've had my entire mission. He
pretty much just got to know us and lo and behold I found out he plays
pickleball!!! I am beyond stoked! Other than that though we just
chatted about my entire mission and I can already feel the love he has
for all of us missionaries.

I think the most exciting thing that happened this week was when we
got a call from one of our investigators who claimed to have a demon
in her. So we picked her up and took her to the church to give her a
blessing. Luckily one of our experienced members was there, who came
and stood in on the blessing. Afterwards she was still freaking out so
we sang I Am a Child of God and she started to feel so much better!
Then we she started teaching the plan of salvation and she told us she
needed to ask God for forgiveness so she turned around and prayed for
like 45 minutes. Super weird turn of events hahaha.

A few days back we were approaching our dinner hour so we stopped by
Dontá's place. He was there with his friend James from Philly, so we
decided to play ball during our dinner hour and it was awesome! We
went to this big park with tons of courts and just played two on two.
Dontá and I won both times, but it was pretty awesome to see all the
homies watching us ball up. We were the only two white guys there! I
felt like such a stereotypical missionary, it was wonderful! I don't
have too much else to report on this week but no worries, things are
great! I'm still enjoying it and missing you all back home. Have a
good week everyone!

906 Las Vegas Dr.
Temple, PA 19560

1) Zone Training
3) this is on par with most of my Instagram pictures
4) Elder Anderson playing ball!

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