Sunday, July 10, 2016


June 27, 2016

Hey everyone! It's been a slightly mediocre week here haha, it seemed
that every lesson cancelled and even our backups failed to be backups,
but there's highlights in every week! It was awesome going to
transfers because I got to see all my favorite missionaries down in
Broomall and chat them up for a while. I even got to see my old ward
mission leader George! It was awesome. My new companion is Elder
Troxell, he's from Brigham City, Utah and has been out 21 months.

We got to teach Kory again! She's the one who just got married to a
member. They fed us way good barbecue chicken and we invited her to be
baptized! She said yes, but we told her to pray about when it should
happen. We reminded her to keep the temple dedication in mind though!
Probably the best part of the week was on Sunday when I walked into
priesthood opening exercises. Paul grabbed me and said "are you going
to give me the priesthood?" So I got to have my first priesthood
ordination! I remember my dad always being nervous when he would
ordain me into the different priesthood offices because he didn't want
to forget what to say, but each time he did it I could tell he was
speaking with the spirit and did a great job! I had no idea what words
to say for a priesthood ordination, so I hurried and looked it up in
the gospel library and wow does the spirit have our back because I
remembered everything and gave a blessing as well. No way could I have
done that without the spirit with such short notice as that!

In other news Elder Martinez sprained his leg last week so I got to
hangout with him for a while last night and he's with me today too!
It's been pretty fun! Oh and the best part is I acquired a penny board
this week and it's a blast! I was riding it around today and even
though it's like a small skateboard it felt so close to snowboarding!
Anyways this will be a pretty exciting week because we get to meet our
new mission president on Wednesday! Stoked for this week, and I
realized next Monday is the 4th of July so we can actually do
something fun for the holiday!!! Love you all, have a great week!

1) my new district
2) lineage! Elder Laine was trained by Elder Martinez, who was trained
by Elder Margetts, who was trained by my good friend Joseph Sanchez!
3) my pennyboard!

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