Monday, July 25, 2016

You Ever Been to Philly Before?

July 18, 2016

I have said the above sentence hundreds of times over the past few
weeks. Why you may ask? Well the Philly Temple of course! The open
house is less than a month away and we've been going nuts running
around and inviting people to the temple open house! It's so exciting!
Even if people haven't been, or haven't seen the temple yet, it seems
that they always ask "when can I go?" It's such an awesome time to be
serving here in the Philadelphia mission!

Now while I started talking about the temple, the main subject of this
weeks letter will be food, because it's been a pretty great week for
food. It all started on Monday when Ben and Kori made us homemade
chicken wings. HOLY COW were they good! He told me how easy it was to
make them, so heads up family, I'll be making these when I get home.
Food story number 2, Sister Robinson gave a great speech in relief
society on why they all need to feed the Elders, so both sets in the
ward got loaded with meals! Even the famous Hazards fed us! As we
walked into their home they recognized me as "the one who helped with
their garden". I wish they didn't! Especially because they had us go
back to see it and it's just weeds for days. I blame Brother Hazards
methods! Sister Hazard had us cook the meal since she has a walker, so
we made the smallest amount of spaghetti I've ever seen in my life,
with a huge can of baked beans in the smallest pan I've ever seen and
two cooked hamburger patties. So let me unfold these events for you
because they were worried about everything like "someone take the
beans off the stove" as they were literally staring at me putting the
baked beans in a serving dish, no longer on the stove! As we sit down
for dinner, there's no sauce, but that's okay because I just tossed
some pepper on as I usually did in Morrisville. Well over the course
of the meal, Sister Hazard is complaining that she ran out of Ragu
while in the meantime Brother Hazard comes over with a huge box and
starts putting everything from the table inside of it, including his
uneaten meal and then carries it off to another location in the house.
So Sister Hazard keeps complaining that there's no Ragu and finally
Brother Hazard says there is, so they argue for a bit before he gets
into the cupboard and pulls out said Ragu. She tells him to warm it up
for us, which I'm questioning because I finished my pasta over 15
minutes ago. He warms it up, tosses it on Sister Hazards pasta and
over the course of the next 10 minutes tells us that she has lost her
appetite recently and then proceeds to put her almost untouched meal
on the floor for Rodger (yes the dog that bit Brother Hazard). Then
before we leave, we go out on the porch one last time to check out the
weeds, and Rodger decides to pee on the porch, and Brother Hazard
decides to step in it, but it didn't even phase him. Pretty gnarly eh?
We also came across a bag in the church foyer that said "free fresh
produce, help yourself!" Why thank you, I sure will! So I was able to
cook some dang good meals for me and some other missionaries and you
know I'm gonna send home pictures of that! Last food item came on
Sunday when one of our investigators gave me some super hipster ice
cream and I felt so blessed.

In terms of missionary work, I got to go on exchange with one of my
zone leaders Elder Larsen! He was actually my first zone leader and I
never got to go on exchanges with him, so this was like a year in the
making! It was super fun and we were so busy all day, it was crazy! I
also got to bring Elder Thompson to my area this week and it was way
fun to try to talk to people and they give you that whole "I don't
speak English" crap, so Elder Thompson would start to talk to them in
Spanish! Can't escape us! We saw a miracle when we went to see our
Haitian friend Earnest. He wasn't there, but his son Earnest Jr. was!
So we chatted with him and he's way dope. Junior is actually a member
so we invited him to the temple, then we found out Earnest was
actually there so we got to teach him too!

So just so my mom isn't worried why I got this out late, I was able to
play golf for the first time in like a year this morning so I'm super
pumped about that! It was a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to
another week! Love you all have a great week!

1) sea salt caramel my friends
2&3) golfin with Elder Laine!
4) I can't get the good pictures of me cooking, but I want my mom to
see that I can make good food!

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