Sunday, July 10, 2016


July 4, 2016

Well happy independence day everyone! Pretty stoked we get to spend it
on pday! Hopefully in the midst of your busy holiday you have a little
bit of time to read some highlights from my week.

To start off we had a zone conference with our new mission president
and his family! President and Sister Randall have three kids out here
with them, so it will be awesome to see how his all plays out!

A little later in the week I got to bring Elder Thielen on exchanges
to my area! It was super hot so we got slurpees and VOSS water. If you
haven't had VOSS water, I recommend trying it! Smoothest water ever!
Anyways in his area there's a college campus in it and he was telling
me how awesome it was to find on it, so i decided to scratch our plans
and head to the small college campus in our area. Since schools out,
it was pretty dead, but right as we were about to leave we saw these
two guys across the street. These were two any average guys, they were
HUGE! Like jacked out of their minds! So we yelled at them and asked
how they got so big, talked to them about working out and then
introduced them to the gospel! We taught David and DJ a few days later
and they are so awesome! Nicest people I've met, and the best part is
they aren't from reading so they actually held an appointment! When we
asked when they would be available next David said "well we go to the
gym early in the morning and leave at 5, so let's meet at 6?" GET

We also found this awesome part member family! They are from Haiti and
about 10 years ago they went to church actively, but some of them
didn't get baptized. They really want to come back and get baptized
for the temple! They already know everything is true!

Some gnarly tender mercies this week starts with early in the week
when we were just having a mediocre day and we stopped by Kori & Ben
Moore's. We saw them outside  with the kids making s'mores so of
course we indulged in the sweet chocolaty goodness with a spiritual
message too! Another tender mercies was that some members had all our
recent converts over for dinner so we were able to enjoy some time
with them and play with their farm animals and eat mulberries and
stuff! Last but not least some members gave us their old workout
machine GET SWOLL

Pretty successful week, and to finish it off we got the entire zone
down here to play ball so I'm gonna get going so I can enjoy this
wonderful holiday! I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Dylan Smith

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