Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Whole Year to Get a Real Cheesesteak

August 22, 2016

God Bless America! I've been out a whole year now which is crazy
ridiculous haha I love it! I decided to buy a new suit to celebrate
last week but my card got declined and the banks thought it was
fraud😣 It's all good though because i got it figured out and the lady
gave me a 15% off discount!

We got to go down to the temple on Friday with some of our
investigators, Paola and Kelly! Perfect way to spend my year mark. The
temple is still just as beautiful as ever and Paola and Kelly loved
it! Our members that came with us did an awesome job of fellowshipping
them which was so cool! Afterwards we headed to the Reading Terminal
Market in Philly which in itself is amazing. We snagged some of the
best cheesesteaks I've ever had and headed home to meet up with some
members who took us to our ward's campout for dinner and we skipped
rocks all night, it was way fun! Then of course I had to get wings on
the way home so I could start off another year right!

Trey got confirmed this week which was awesome! It's incredible how
solid and excited he is about everything. We will probably be playing
ball with him today! We picked up a few new people to teach this week.
One we met playing ball on some city courts. We didn't even have to
beat him to teach him, although afterwards Elder Winstanley smoked him
anyways! Another crazy sweet miracle came last night when we stopped
by an investigator who wasn't there. As we were walking back to our
car we saw a lady talking on her phone. We said hi to her not
expecting much, but all the sudden she just started chatting with us!
I guess she was having a rough night so she prayed for guidance then
went on a walk! Pretty cool eh? But get this, we talked to her about
the Book of Mormon and she said "oh I was baptized when I was 12!"
Then started singing "I am a Child of God". We'll see this week if her
and her family pan out!

It was a pretty solid week out here. I love Bethlehem and I love
serving in the Lehigh Valley Zone. We have some killer missionaries
out here and we are seeing miracles on miracles! Thanks for the
support over the past year, it's meant a lot and I look forward to
working hard for the next year! It'll go quicker than the last, which
is so weird... So I'll see you all soon! Love you!

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