Tuesday, September 27, 2016


August 29, 2016

This week was super crazy. We went on 4 exchanges this week yet we
still saw tons of miracles! Monday night we doubled into Easton so
Elder Winstanley could go with the senior couple and I went with
Elders Libberton and Chapell for a bit! Pretty fun to be in another
trio for a short time! On Tuesday I headed to Allentown with Elder
Warr, who has been out in the field oh 3 weeks? We had him take over
his area which he did a great job of! I was no help though because
he's a Spanish missionary! It was crazy to be on exchange with him and
think back to my first zone leader exchange a year ago as a golden and
what impact it had on me! Then I brought Elder Chapell to my area on
Thursday where we taught a couple hood homies that want to play ball
with us! We got their info and one of them gave me his Instagram name
to hit him up hahaha. Friday I took Elder Bebee to my area and had a
pretty boss day of teaching and whatnot! All of them are studs and it
was super fun!

Probably the best part of the week was that we taught at least 10 new
people! Hopefully we will get to see some of them in the next week,
but even better than that was that we had 9 investigators at church
and a few less actives too! The chapel was looking fuller than ever!
We just keep getting blessed over here. Paola and Kelly are doing
great, they had us and some members over for a BBQ this week and it
was absolutely awesome! Super fun and way good food! They are doing so
well in the gospel and I'm excited to see them progress. I also got to
have the opportunity to ordain Trey into the priesthood this week!
I've never met someone who is so converted to the gospel this quick!
He's the best.

Some nice food miracles happened this week too! Before I left on my
mission a place called Potbellys popped up in Utah. My brother in law
Tyson eats there all the time in Cali so we went on opening day and
then we probably ate it 5 more times in the last month before I left.
Anyways I heard it was on the east coast so when I got to Lehighton I
googled it and found out there's some in Philly and one in Bethlehem.
Well look who got to Bethlehem a year later!!! Potbelly's is just as
good as I remembered it! Then I've been on a quest for the past 6 or
so months to get a frozen hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts. Let me
tell you how hard it's been! Either I'm broke or don't have time or
the other missionary doesn't want it so I hadn't been able to get one
yet which makes me sad because I'd snag those at home from Kneaders
all the time. Anyways this week I made it a goal and Elder Winstanley
thought it was hilarious because first time I tried the missionary I
was on exchange with didn't want to stop while going home, the second
try a few days later the machine was down, third try the missionary I
was with doesn't like sweets. So Saturday rolls around, I'm back with
Elder Winstanley and we are headed home and the idea pops in my head
so we head straight to the nearest Dunkin Donuts and they were
cleaning up and closing so the machine was down. I "acted" really
bummed out (although I sincerely was bummed out) and she gave us free
donuts! So out here on the east coast the Dunkin Donuts are abundant
like LDS chapels in Utah, so we headed a few blocks to the next Dunkin
Donuts where they finally had frozen hot chocolate AND they gave us
more free donuts! #foodtendermercies

While you may not be interested in hearing about my consumption of
food it's these small tender mercies that really make missionary work
so fun and interesting. I love being out here on a mission and helping
the people in the Philadelphia area grow closer to Jesus Christ and I
love having fun! Love you all have a wonderful week!

1) Potbellys!!!
2) grillin!

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