Tuesday, September 27, 2016

O Big City of Bethlehem!

August 15, 2016

Hello folks! Man has a bunch of stuff happened this week since I last
wrote home. So I got transferred to Bethlehem this week and my new
companion is Elder Winstanley! He's the biggest stud and we've already
had so much fun this week, I love it here! A cool change is that while
we cover the Bethlehem Ward, we also cover the Young Single Adult
Branch! Definitely something I'm looking forward too!

So pretty much right after I sent my email last week I was playing a
mean game of basketball and man was I getting buckets, until I took a
fall away 3 and crushed my ankle. It's okay though because I still
drained the shot! Anywho I once again had to drive myself to
UrgentCare and they all thought it was broken, but X-rays came back
negative so it's just a ridiculously bad sprain! They tossed a splint
on my leg and gave me some crutches and I went on my way!

This week has been so fun in Bethlehem though, and so much work goes
on here so I'm gonna toss down a few names each week of the people we
are working with so I don't make these too long. Right of the bat when
we got here we taught a lady named Paola and her 9 year old daughter,
Kelly, who is incredibly smart and they've come to church the past few
weeks and have been reading a ton in the scriptures! We also have
Melo, who is a YSA less active from the Dominican Republic! He's
working back from a rough life in New York and we had an awesome
lesson and we all felt the spirit so strong! He also dresses super
fresh! Then there's Trey! So Trey is a pretty cool story. About a
month ago I was cleaning out my area book in Reading and there was a
name that kept catching my eye the whole time I served there, so I
finally went to look for him and realized that the student housing was
empty, so we gave him a call and set up a return appointment! Sadly he
moved out of Reading so we sent his records to another area. Turns out
that record got sent to the YSA and I was here to see Trey get
baptized this week! The Lord works in mysterious ways!

I'm super pumped to be serving here, especially with Elder Winstanley!
By the way he's from Colorado and has been out about 15 months. We are
looking forward to leading this zone to success, all the missionaries
killed it this week! I love you all and please if you can help it
never drive yourself to urgentcare!

New Address:

4314 Cheryl Dr. Bethlehem, PA!! 18017

1) post ankle sprain
2) drinkin Crystal Pepsi with elder Harris!
3) pop pop burgers! Made by our awesome Ward mission leader (contains
ham, bacon, bbq sauce, cheese and 1 lb of burger!)
4) Trey's baptism!

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