Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Merge, Everybody Merge, I'm Only Imploding!

August 8, 2016

Hey fellas! It was pretty great to be back in my area for the week. We
saw some good things happen, some new investigators picked up and
taught some good lessons. Overall it was a pretty gnarly week. The
highlight was being in a trio with Elder Troxell and Elder Margetts!
It was the most legendary trio I've ever been apart of and it will
forever live as a legend. It was so fun being with two of the oldest
Elders in the mission and doin work and having fun! During the middle
of the week we got all the missionaries back to their areas and Elder
Troxell and I finally got to have like one normal day of missionary
work, but that ended shortly because I had to get a CT scan later this
week, then during our zone training I thought my insides were going to
explode so I was down and out a bunch this week resting up! No worries
though, I'll hopefully get it all figured out next week! And yes I had
to drive myself while in pain once again.

We helped out one of my favorite members, Sister Soto, and her
landlord this week for some service. I guess the peeps living in the
house hadn't paid rent in 2 months then just dipped and left the house
a mess! We were in charge of throwing out a bunch of stuff out of this
filthy place. I went to grab a curtain to throw away and a bunch of
cockroaches ran out of it😬

The biggest news this week is that I'm getting transferred out of
Reading. This was a wonderful place and I had a whole bunch of fun
here! I'll miss a bunch of missionaries here because I most likely
won't get to see a lot of them for a long time. I'm pretty pumped
because my mission president told me where I'll be going, which
usually we wouldn't know, but because of doctors and whatnot he told
me and wanted me to keep it on the down low. So you'll all find out
next week! It's been a blessing to serve here as a district leader and
I'm excited for the new opportunity to be a zone leader in my next
area. I love you guys, and don't send me any packages or mail until
you get my new address next week!

1) zone training
2) me and the Troxell!
3) the homie Elder Margetts
4) crusin

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