Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Davis County Squad!

September 26, 2016

So when you last heard from me I was essentially companionless, but things have changed and my new companion is Elder Fowers! He's from Bountiful and we have a bunch of mutual friends and he's a boss too! It was a busy week and I had Elder Fowers in awe because we taught more lessons in a day than he taught in a week in his last area! Bethlehem is really the best and I love it so much here!

We had some great lessons with some awesome people this week. Janet, my favorite classy investigator, told us she will get baptized before I leave! That's always hard because I never know when they will ship me out of here. We also had some great lessons with Schapell. Oh man she is so solid! She's making so many changes in her life and will even stay up till early hours in the morning reading the scriptures! We are so excited for her! We also got back in contact with Taiwan and Ashley this week which was a miracle because they live in an apartment complex and we played ball with him later in the week and I'm pretty proud of myself because a couple white boys in ties beat a couple hood homies! #hoopdreams

I went on an exchange with Elder Roberts to my area this week. He's from Bear Lake Idaho and goes home this transfer. He was actually the missionary who replaced me when I left Lehighton so it was way fun to talk about people there! He's also served with 3 of my past companions so when he got in the car he said "I'm excited to see how you really compare to what your companions have told about me!" We had a great exchange and got MOD pizza with a less active kid Wes. MOD pizza is boss, but Wes is an even bigger boss. He had some rough experiences at church when he was younger, but he told us that because us missionaries have been so real he finally understands that he can repent and change and come back to church! Man I look up to the kid a lot.

At church the stake president gave us special permission to have a long testimony meeting for everyone to bear their testimony about the temple. The spirit was so strong! I don't think I've ever felt the spirit that strong for that long (2 hours of sacrament)! Plus the YSA sacrament which was close to the same amount of time. I hope my parents are amazed that I go to church from 9-5:30 and I don't fall asleep or anything! I love church so much now. I think the highlight of Sunday, other than everyone bringing food after YSA, was getting to bless the sacrament with Trey for the first time. He was dang nervous, but I told him it's cool, I even messed up the first time! He's such an awesome kid, probably one of my closest friends now.

I feel like I'm leaving out some things, but that's okay because logistical things don't matter, what matters is that I love my savior and I've never felt such a closeness to him. I think I finally understand a fraction of what the atonement does for us and I'm looking forward to continuing to learn more, especially as we work on getting those we teach to the Philadelphia temple. Thanks for all the support, love you all! Hope you have a great week!

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