Monday, November 14, 2016

Sweater Weather

October 3, 2016

Fall conference is over so it's time to put the sweaters back on! It was wonderful during conference weekend because it was extremely rainy and wet and cooled off, but now it's high 60s and sunny and I'm sweating:/ anyways Conference was great wasn't it? I'm obviously biased to Elder Anderson and Elder Oaks talks on missionary work. It just makes me so excited that my missionary work won't end when I go home, I can literally help others come closer to the savior the rest of my life. I really enjoyed Elder Holland's talk on home teaching as well, ties right in to the other two talks I've mentioned. I'm looking forward to studying some of these talks a lot more because I may have dozed off in a session haha I don't get enough sleep. Luckily we watching it in a member's home and they gave us conference bingo to play! That keeps your attention!

This week was pretty grand! I got to go on exchanges with the AP's again. I went to Broomall with Elder Oldroyd and had a wonderful time! We also had MLC again this week. It's always so great to be around the other leaders in the mission and get to learn from each of them. I think one of the big highlights of the week was interviews with President Randall. He decided to do a short personal interview for me and Elder Fowers, then took us to lunch to talk about the zone! He's such a good guy, I respect him a lot.

Our investigators are doing great! Each are progressing really well and the members are helping out so much. One of them, Schapell is just amazing. She fasted to quit smoking and that night she tried to smoke and got sick, doesn't even have the urge to smoke anymore. I love it here and I'm so happy to be a missionary. Thanks for your support! I'm looking forward to wearing sweaters and teaching people about the gospel.

1) Priesthood session Potbellys!
2) Yazzy colored a picture of a missionary and said it was me! Me in a coloring book? I feel like I'm famous

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