Monday, November 14, 2016

Stacks of Steel

October 24, 2016

Before we ended our last p-day, we were lying around not knowing what
to do (sounds just like home) then we decided to just go explore
Bethlehem! Bethlehem used to have the largest steel company around,
but it shut down years ago and now the steel stacks are just sitting
there. It's a sweet landmark and they use it as a concert venue, they
even light it up at night! Anyways it's way cool and I'll make sure to
post some pictures from it!

This week we picked up a couple new investigators and one of them is
named Ricky! Ricky has this massive beard and a huge afro. Whenever we
meet with him he has this tarp covered couch outside on some
cinderblocks and we just kick it out there! He's pretty learnt in the
scriptures, so he was pumped when we gave him a Book of Mormon! He's
such a funny guy and he made it to church this week, we were pumped!

I got to go on a couple of exchanges this week with some Spanish
missionaries and we got to stay in my area both times, which is the
best! Last week my dad pointed out that I wrote in my email "I don't
speak speak a lick of English". Luckily I speak it, just not well.
Anyways I got to bring Spanish missionaries to an English area which
is funny because they habitually start thinking in Spanish and Spanish
words randomly fly into their sentences. Elder McAllister and I got to
do some service for a refugee resettlement agency, then I got to be
with Elder Davenport, one of my favorite missionaries of all times!
He's just a big ole Canadian, and we had such a fun exchange, sadly he
goes home in a week. Fun fact though, when he goes home he'll meet one
of my good friends Sister Leishman because she's serving in his home
ward! Small world eh?

On Sunday we got to confirm Schapell as a member of the church. During
the week we met with her while I was with Elder Davenport. He went to
one of her very first lessons and he couldn't believe the change in
her. The gospel does work miracles in people's lives. It's no lie, if
you truly want to come to know that the Book of Mormon is true and you
act on the prompting of the spirit, your life will improve. I love
that about the gospel, it's not go to church on Sundays and you'll be
fine, it's literally a way to feel a fraction of the happiness we will
feel when we return to live with our father in Heaven. Thanks for all
the support you guys give me, means a lot. Love yous all and have a
great week!

Pictures: steel stacks with an album cover

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