Monday, November 14, 2016

Back to My Old Stomping Grounds

October 17, 2016

Sometimes I wonder how we pack so much in one week. Three back to back
exchanges is week plus a zone conference? I work myself too hard haha.
Zone conference was great though. Since Elder Winstanley is the AP I
feel like he always picks on me, so in zone conference Elder Fowers
and I did a example of how we should nightly plan which prepares us
for personal study then prepares us for companion study. Examples of
nightly planning and companionship study weren't difficult because we
actually talk in those things, but you may ask how do we do an example
of personal study? Well folks, just imagine me sitting at a desk in
the middle of 40 missionaries talking to myself, reading everything
out loud, and saying ridiculous things. It was awesome! President also
invited Trey to come do a Q&A for the missionaries. That's how you
know your convert is a stud!

The three exchanges this week were pretty exciting! First one I had
Elder Bjerregaard come with me after zone conference and we got some
cheesesteaks! He goes home in like two weeks so it was fun to see how
he does missionary work. The next one I went with Elder Warr and
enjoyed not being able to communicate with anyone because I don't
speak a lick of English. Elder Warr is great though, he's still a
golden, and it's so fun to see these young missionaries grow so
quickly! Brings a tear to my eye. The highlight of all the exchanges
came when I went with Elder Wilko to his area. Where's his area you
may ask? It's none other than Lehighton, my first area! It was crazy
weird to be back. Not much has changed in the apartment or really the
entire area because these small towns all move in slow motion! I even
recognized the same people I met on the street a year ago. I got to
see a bunch of my favorite families, like Tom & Melanie, the Kennedy's
and the Baker's! It was great to be back, but it's funny how it no
longer feels like my area. Yes I knew all the backroads, and yes I
know the best restaurants around, but when you are called to an area
you receive revelation for it and that's something I can only do for
my current area. We are called to specific places for a reason. Still
loved being back there though!

So can anything beat an exchange back to Lehighton? YES! We had the
baptism of Schapell this week! She was so excited all week. She told
us she had a dream about her baptism and all of her family came and
just brought all their negative energy, but the next night had another
dream about her baptism and said that before she got baptized they
were playing all her favorite rap music and then before she finished
telling us her dream she said "BUT I FORGOT MY TOWEL!!!" And we all
fell on the floor laughing! Haha she's the best. I got to baptize her
and right after she came up she was so happy and she just kept telling
us how clean she felt! She bore her testimony right after and it's
incredible to see the changes she's made in her life over these past
couple months. We are so excited for her!

Thanks for reading this far ladies and gents. I appreciate the support
I get from you all. I hope you enjoy reading these letters as much as
I enjoy looking back on my last week and reflecting on the good times
and the bad times! Have a great week everyone!

1) the vanderbecks!
2) zone conference
3) Schapell!

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