Monday, November 14, 2016

October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016

Transfers are here and I finally get to stay with a companion for two
transfers haha looking forward to keeping up the good work here in
Bethlehem! This week we got to do a couple more exchanges and i've
been listening to Christmas music!!! I went with Elder Beebe to do
some Spanish work and we ended up at a house where the member tries to
make you gain weight by over feeding you! I guess he's bitter because
he gained like 60 lbs on his mission. Luckily I don't speak Spanish
and I probably will never see him again because he just tossed a
second helping in front of me without and asking and I didn't even
touch it. Then me and Elder Beebe made tortillas for dinner!!! I also
had Elder Mpalomby come with me to Bethlehem this week. It was raining
all day and it was like 38 degrees. It was chilly! And almost all our
appointments cancelled so we got pretty wet!

We met with Ricky earlier in the week and I guess in church they
mentioned D&C and he got all pumped up over that so we brought him a
copy and dropped the word of wisdom on him. He took it really well! We
also visited Schapell a few times this week. Alright so she hasn't had
a phone for a few weeks, so we just contact her through Facebook
messenger, great huh? So I always figured she had a tablet or computer
or something to message us back on. Nope. She does it on her Wii. How
outrageous is that? She said that's why it takes so long for her to
respond it because she has to point and click on every letter! I was
dying when she told us that. In the same lesson she told us all about
her legendary 21st birthday where she definitely did not keep the word
of wisdom at all! It was hilarious! She's the best.

We got a new move in record in the ward this week and the bishop asked
us to go stop by. When we knocked on John's door he opened it and said
"it's the elders! Emily come here!" Needless to say they were stoked
that we came by. He's trying to come back to church and his wife or
fiancé or whatever they like to call it wants to get baptized! No
joke. She's been taught everything and is pretty much ready. The
missionaries down in Florida, where they moved from prepared her well.
Now get this, one of the missionaries that taught them for many months
went to high school with me and played basketball against Elder
Fowers! His name is Elder Walton (Big Jim Walton) and they were so
excited to tell us stories about it! It's incredible how small of a
world it is!

I really don't have much else to say this week, I feel that as time
goes on these get shorter and shorter because all this missionary work
is just becoming habit and I have no idea what anyone ever wants to
hear about. But I do know people like a good message right? This week
we've been asking members at dinner appointments who their favorite
Book of Mormon character is. I decided mines Amulek. He wasn't a
professional missionary like Alma, heck he more so just an average
guy, but what I love about Amulek is that being a regular guy didn't
stop him. He backed up Alma right when he needed it. He was the
perfect wingman. We can all be like Amulek if we pray for
opportunities to serve! Anyways my goal is to be a great wingman just
like Amulek! Take care everyone, have a great week!

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