Monday, November 14, 2016

October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016

I mean this was a super good week, but for once I don't feel like anything crazy happened hahaha seems like a lifetime since I could say that! I got to go on an exchange with Elder Weston this week! He came out to the mission with me and I haven't seen him in forever so it was awesome to be with him. I also got to go on an exchange with one of my favorite Elders, Elder Maiava! He's from Samoa so you already know we get along! He told me at the end of the exchange that I should have been an islander hahaha. I had an awesome time with him. He loves Chinese buffet, so we definitely hit that up and taught some awesome lessons. They've been struggling up until now so we are excited for them. We got to teach on of their investigators with a date and get this, it's a part member family from Samoa! And parts of the family only speak Samoan too! Crazy cool how the lord puts us in specific places. We were out with their bishop and he took us to get "the best cheesesteaks" and wow we're they good! People claim that they are better than any you can get in Philly and I see their point! Anyways the cool thing about it is that it's literally a storefront built into Home Depot so while you go get your man on in Home Depot you can have a cheesesteak made and head home with some tools in one hand and a big steak sandwich in the other. Even cooler than that was that the kid making the cheesesteaks asked who were were and after chatting with him awhile about missionary work, Utah and Samoa we found out he's interested in meeting with us! Cheesesteaks produce miracles.

We had some awesome lessons with Schapell and Janet this week. With Schapell we taught one strictly on eternal marriage. I've never based an entire lesson around that subject before and now I know why! I walked out of that lesson feeling quite trunky hahaha but it just affirmed to me the power of the priesthood in temples and that I need to be married in the temple. We also had an awesome lesson with Janet! Her and her mom made us a real good southern dinner and had a fun time talking about the ten Commandments. We all agreed she will be baptized before our wards temple trip!

A really awesome experience we had this week was taking Melo out teaching with us. He's a less active from the YSA. He was making awesome strides in coming back, but switched jobs and now works on Sundays. He's pretty active in the heart. Anyways, he cruised around with us most of Saturday and most lessons cancelled, so we did some finding and we could tell he was just having the time of his life. We also took Trey out with us too and he made a firm decision that he's going to serve a mission next August when he hits his year mark! So proud of him. Another great experience was seeing our recent convert Garet get the priesthood this week. He's such a humble guy.

Anyways before this gets too long we ate pop pop burgers at the finch's again this week. For those who don't remember what it is, it's a 1lb burger with ham, bacon, Swiss cheese and BBQ sauce. I improved and ate one pop pop no problem, but Elder Fowers is an animal, tossed down two pop pop's to tie the all time record. Thanks for the support you all give me!

1) the zone after zone training
2) probably the most creative "funny" picture I've ever taken on my mission
3) found this while contacting a referral
4) our new album cover
5) pop pop burgers!

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