Monday, November 14, 2016

Wings are a Blessing

November 14, 2016

His has been one busy week! I got to go on exchange with some Spanish
Elders this week, Elder Dalton and Elder Thompson! They are in a trio
so we swapped for a day and I got to experience the trio life again!
Anyways their car is a mess (don't ever buy a Chevy Cruze) so we were
without a car the entire day! No joke we walked all of allentown from
2 to 9 o'clock just talking to everyone and trying to get to our
appointments as fast as we could! It was so fun and we were blessed
for working so hard because when we got to our final appointment they
bought us Buffalo Wild Wings!!!

Pretty exciting because we found a part Member family recently. The
mom moved here from Florida for a fresh start on life and has 3 kids!!
They are 12, 8 and 5! So we are teaching them and the 12 year old and
8 year old should be baptized soon along with a few other people we
are teaching! You'll probably hear more about them next week.

On Thursday we had another mission conference, this time Elder Cordon
from the seventy spoke to us! Fun fact, he currently resides in the
promised land of Centerville, UT! He also gets buckets so he told me
we can play ball at the South Davis Rec Center as he pulled out his
rec center pass haha. He's awesome. It was a great meeting and I wish
I could let you know what happened in this conference, but honestly it
all meshed together because we also had MLC this Friday and he trained
us at MLC! Not only did he train us at MLC, but then he spoke to the
Reading Stake at our Stake conference this Sunday! My 3rd straight
reading stake conference might I add. Anyways I took some awesome
notes so luckily I can look back on it, but one of my favorite stories
was a story he told about President Faust when he got called as a
General Authority. So General Authorities have different temple
recommends than us. Theirs are signed by the first presidency and they
don't expire. President Faust went to the temple one day and handed
the temple worker his recommend. The worker, brand new, looked at it
and said "I'm sorry sir, but you cannot enter the temple today" not
understanding the circumstances. President Faust excused himself from
the temple and went home. On the way home his family asked why he
didn't correct him or get the temple President and he replied "i
didn't want anyone to judge the new temple worker when he was wrong".
What humility right? Loved this story. Thanks for the support
everyone, I love you all!

1) the zone!
2) yazzy!!
3) MLC
4) Elder Cordon!
5) sick!


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