Sunday, March 12, 2017

But is it Thanksgivin?

November 24, 2016

Happy thanksgiving everyone!!! It's not everyday that your Mission
President switches p-day to Thursday so I'm pretty pumped for it.
Since I haven't sent anything home in a bit I'll report on a bunch of
stuff we do out here. Over the past few weeks I've had some awesome
exchanges. I went with Elder Knuth, a seasoned Spanish missionary to
his area. We walked around Bethlehem for quiet a while rushing to
appointments! Sometimes I miss being able to do that. He spent his
last 8 months in Philly so he was crusin down the street and I was
huffing and puffing. Yesterday I was with Elder Fisher, my old
companion from Reading! It was super fun to be with him! It was a cool
day because we didn't get a chance to plan the night before so looking
at our day I was thinking we'd be out in the cold most the night, but
I realized everyone is pretty much home the day before thanksgiving so
we hit up all the right people and we're able to have a full night
teaching lessons! A few days ago we got to bring Elder Dalton with us
to be in a trio for the day. We had him conduct a couple baptismal
interviews for us and the rest of the day was doin work and having
fun, man I love trios!

We had interviews with President Randall this week too and he's just
such an awesome guy. He's gotta show interest in 200 different peoples
lives all at the same time! I mean we all struggle just managing to
have a couple friends and making sure we spend time with him, but this
guy makes us all feel important AND he recently got word from the
church that they want him to do interviews and zone conferences every
transfer instead of every other like before. Don't know how this guy
does it, I may be jumping the gun with holidays but he's like Santa
Claus. Doin so much in so little time.

Anyways the biggest highlight of the week was us heading down to the
brand new Philly Temple on Saturday. I haven't been to the temple
since 'nam so I was extremely pumped! We were blessed to be able to
manage all the confirmations for a few hours. Did anyone else know
that any old temple goer can check off the temple cards when an
ordinance is done? I didn't! Wow that was so cool, no idea why but it
was awesome! The highlight of it all was 1) Schapell came with us and
was able to experience the peace of the temple. She also got called as
the 2nd counselor in the young women's presidency! How cool is that?
2) Brother Keyock, a recently reactivated member went to the temple as
well. It was his first time and he did the baptism for his son who
passed away 3 years ago. If you ask him how it was he says "it was
awesome!" So happy for him.

This morning we played in a turkey bowl, two actually and the rest of
the day we will be running around eating food and having the best
thanksgiving ever! Tomorrow the new Christmas initiative will come out
#LightTheWorld make sure to share it on social media and with everyone
you meet! This year will be great to share it since we have Facebook,
and I'm gonna try my best to share it too so feel free to add me or
follow me or however Facebook works. I'm so thankful for all of you,
I'm thankful for this gospel and most importantly my family and my
savior. Thanks for all the support, I appreciate it so much! Take

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