Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mac n' Cheese Burgers

December 12, 2016

It was a wonderfully cold week once again! Luckily it ended with us
having snow today, so I'm pretty pumped about that!! Last Monday we
went to teach a guy that Elder Fowers met on the street named Jacks.
It's pretty sweet because his uncle is Shane Vereen, who played RB for
the Patriots! He said he's a jerk though hahaha. So Jacks is actually
in a correctional facility for beating up his girlfriend and the guy
she was sleeping with when he came home one night. Jacks is an awesome
dude and he really wants to learn! It's pretty gnarly teaching him on
the other side of a bunch of angry dudes tryin to get help haha, it
was like teaching someone in prison.

We had an awesome Zone Training this week as well. It was focused a
lot on contacting referrals, but we finished off with one of my
favorite missionary poems "He's Been There Before" the spirit was very
strong by the end so we celebrated with Red Robin! Did anyone else
know they have a burger with Mac n cheese on it? #fooddreams To make
it all even better we went out with the YSA elders quorum for Buffalo
Wild Wings! Good times, good food, good people.

I got to go up for my last exchange in Lehighton with one of my former
zone leaders, Elder Payne. It was a wonderful time being able to serve
at the same rest home we sang at for Christmas Eve last year. We
helped set up the decorations and I loved seeing how happy the workers
were and I know the residents will once again love the Christmas Eve
fireside. That's what Christmas is about! We also spent most the day
with Harry Parraga, one of my favorite members in the area, he's a

Linda and her sister Jamilette are doing really well, they now have a
new goal to get to the temple and be sealed there! It's amazing the
feelings people can get from just looking at a picture of the temple.
We finished off the week with a ward Christmas party. The Bethlehem
ward turned the gym into Bethlehem. It was pretty cool but we just sat
and chatted with Schapell and a bunch of other people. Said some
goodbyes too because mid party I found out I'm getting transferred.
I'll miss Bethlehem a lot, it's probably been some of the best months
of my mission, but I'm excited for my next opportunity to be a zone
leader in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and get too maybe even see the real
east coast! Thank you for all the support you give me. Love you all!

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