Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Bank is Open!

January 2, 2017

Happy new year folks! 2016 was such a great year, can't beat a full
calendar year spent on a mission. Wouldn't rather be anywhere else. I
guess I'd like to start this off with describing our experience trying
to find a Chapel for district meeting last Tuesday. It was being held
in Bridgeton, NJ, a place neither of us have been before. We cruise
all the way down there and drive up and down the street it's supposed
to be on and we don't see a Chapel. I figure it might be a storefront
since it's a Spanish branch, just like some other chapels I've heard
of in the mission, but we still can't find it. We call the elders and
we find out it's a bank! Like they took an old bank and turned it
right into a Chapel haha it's sweet! It looks exactly like a Mormon
church inside except it's got like 3 floors, really random rooms, and
a bank vault in the chapel! After district meeting our district leader
said "District picture in the bank vault?"  TĂș sabe.

I got to go on a couple exchanges this week! One was with a Spanish
golden, Elder Hogge! He's from Kaysville, he skis, likes oldies rock
and played lacrosse! You know we had a good day together! I was so
impressed with his teaching, some of these new missionaries amaze me
with how prepared they are, I was no where near that!

Our investigator Alanna is currently visiting her member boyfriend in
Utah right now and loves it so much she wants to move there! Our other
investigator Jennifer is doin great too! In church someone asked if
she was a member and she said "I'm going to be one soon!". We have
this investigator named Puia. He's from Burma, somewhere in the world
I guess, and his English is getting better but a little broken!
Talking to him reminds me of Ray from Wok-Lin for those of you who
went to high school with me. Anyways this guy is hilarious, we taught
him about fasting and after he understood that it didn't mean going
somewhere at a rapid speed, he said "me? No breakfast, no lunch, no
dinner, no sleep, then God give extra push!" And in another lesson the
smoke alarm in the complex went off and when we asked if we should go
outside or something he said "no, fire company three or four minute
away, we fine" I guess he loves the gospel that much! Currently
there's no Book of Mormon in his language, Burmese, so he's been
reading in a English which is difficult for him, but he's already in
Mosiah! This guy is great!

I am constantly thinking of the story of Laman and Lemuel at the
beginning of the Book of Mormon lately. The reason their hearts were
so hardened and life got rough was because they left everything they
had behind and dwelt on it. They kept looking back at the past and
what they had and could not focus on the future they would have in the
promised land. Please don't look backward. Learn from the past,
prepare for the future and live for the now! Have a great week and

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