Monday, March 13, 2017

I didn't know it got this cold in Africa...

Good morning ladies and gentleman, my last week has been a big blur. I
got transferred this week to the Philadelphia 1st ward and it's been a
blast. Over here there's a lot of African refugees so I like to think
of this place as little Africa. Anyways, we also use public transit
over here, which means tons of walking where the buses and trolleys
don't go. I should be in pretty good shape by the time I leave here!
For a couple days I was running around trying to figure out this place
with Elder Selby, one of the missionaries that came out with me. I've
never felt so lost before haha. On Thursday, Elder Selby and I went to
the mission office with a few other missionaries to pick up our new
missionaries! I'm training a Elder Berry from Graham, Washington! He
doesn't know my family that lives up there though... anyways he's a
great kid and it should be a good two transfers! While Elder Selby was
here he woke up with bumps on his legs, turns out we have bed bugs...
whoops. Who knew that was a thing? So we currently live out of our
ward boundaries in a vacant apartment clear out in 'nam.

Like I mentioned, I was lost for most the days and we doubled in
without too much knowledge of the area so we didn't teach too much
this week, which will for sure change, but church here is an awesome
experience. I remember before my mission hearing the legend of the
Philadelphia 1st Ward where it's so culturally diverse and people let
it show. I barely missed out on the legendary testimony meeting last
week, but this week before the intermediate hymn the chorister hopped
up and just started singing some soul music for a minute, then led us
in our hymn. Oh and the classes? Priesthood meeting felt like I was
listening to some preacher with so much soul and man I felt like I was
in a baptist church, but they were preaching of the restored gospel.
It was awesome! I really don't have too much else this week because
I'm still trying to figure out everything and it's been freezing the
past few days, but if there's one thing that has come from this week
is that I'll never say to my kids "goodnight, don't let the bed bugs
bite". That's no joke anymore. Thanks for all the support you give to
me. Have a good week!

Oh and I'll be in between apartments so if you would like to kindly
send me things my address is
721 Paxon Hollow Rd. Ste. B
Broomall, PA 19008

1) a big shoutout to free Liberian food 


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