Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hope You Had a Merry Christmas!

December 26, 2016

With the slim pickings of appropriate Christmas music, I'm a little
relieved that Christmas has come and gone. Not that I don't enjoy the
music, but I've been listening to the same songs for the past few
months... maybe next year I won't start listening to Christmas music
right after Halloween...

Anyways this was a fun week! I'm extremely tired from all the running
around (driving) we had to do. First I'll discuss the real missionary
work, then I'll talk about our shenanigans! So we picked up a couple
sweet new investigators this week. We picked up a former named
Jennifer, who's boyfriend is a member of the Cherry Hill 1st Ward. (We
are in the 2nd) So we gave her a call and she invited us over and
texted us a little later saying "I want to finish my classes and
become a member of the church" we got you Jennifer! She came yesterday
and it was combined so her and her boyfriend shared a nice awkward hug
when he walked in and definitely did not make me trunky at all. Not
even the least bit. So awkward... Then we taught this couple named
Megan and Chris. We started by getting to know them and they just
broke down and told us their struggles. Turns out Megan's sister is a
member and they are pumped to learn from us!

In other news, we had a great Christmas Conference this year! There
was great trainings, some "talents" at the talent show and the best
part of it all was watching "It's a Wonderful Life". Now I get a
little sentimental about this because me and my dad have watched this
together the past few years and I was bummed I didn't get to watch it
last year, so this year was great! The next day we received a call
from President Randall that he left the movie in the DVD player at our
chapel and he needed it for the other conference he was doing that
day! We made our way to the Temple to meet up with the assistants to
make the handoff. While in Philly we took some great pictures and even
got a cheesesteak! That doesn't end the Christmas fun because on
Christmas Eve we had to deliver last minute packages to the zone! So
we bought some nice Santa hats and went on our way to explore New
Jersey! We dropped off some presents in Camden and took some awesome
pictures across the river from Philly, then made our way down to
Vineland and all the way up to Moorestown to have a Christmas Eve
dinner! We are with an awesome family, the Brassells, who gave us the
coolest 76ers beanies ever. They fed us a "Jesus" dinner with a bunch
of things Jesus might have ate, then a bunch of Colombian food too!
The kicker was that we were at our Stake President's house, Vai
Sikahema, and he wasn't even there! They were on vacation and the
Brassells were house sitting. Sikahema played for BYU and the Eagles!
sorry, just had to brag about my mission a little bit.

Christmas Day was spent eating breakfast with some members and the
Assistants, Elder Winstanley and Elder Wilde, two of my good friends.
Then we had a great service and had a great call home. An hour is too
quick. We had a Christmas dinner, don't worry mom, then we had an
emergency we had to take care of for the rest of the night, but all is
well! Definitely won't forget this Christmas. Merry Christmas
everyone, the Savior's birth was a start to his perfect life and I
feel that with the holiday season wrapping up it's a great reminder to
once again start to follow his example and be like him. Love you all,
take care.

1&2&3) Philly Trip
4&5) View of Philly from Camden (missionary Santa trip)
6) Sikahema
7) blue suit, red tie, brown shoe gang
8) matchin ties with Elders Fernandez and Stimpson

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