Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

February 13, 2017

I think the biggest highlight of this week was getting one of our Less
Actives to church this week. She hasn't been to sacrament meeting in
15 years! (At least that's what she says) She loved it too. We've been
working with her and her two unbaptized kids for a while now and she
said they will all definitely be there next week. I'm super excited
for that!

I got to on on yet another exchange with Elder Martinez this week. We
are back in the zone and we've picked up right where we left off! It's
crazy how most my mission was spent with him and we knew what was
going on in each others lives and now there's a big 6 month gap where
we haven't known what's been going on. So he asked me how life's been
the past 6 months and immediately I replied "it's been awesome!" I
didn't even have to think. While yes I get discouraged a lot and some
days it is rough to go out and work, I still love this. I still enjoy
it. When I look at it as a whole, it's been an incredible experience!
The good times outweigh the bad. It was great because yesterday we had
a lesson in Priesthood about optimism. I feel like I'm relatively
optimistic, right? I mean I wasn't even that bummed when the less
active mentioned above wasn't home for our appointment last night
because she came to church! That's so incredible!

We had a wonderful zone conference this week. Lately we've had so many
meetings that they all blend together, so I'm not going to pretend I
remember every little detail from zone conference, but we were shown
an incredible video on working with members as much as we can! I hope
that I'll still be able to have missionary experiences throughout the
rest of my life and be a member missionaries can count on, even if I
still live in Utah and never see them haha. This zone conference was
also the last time I'll see Elder Stimpson until I get home, I
remember him being out 6 months when he trained me and I've always
gaged my time on the mission by thinking about how long my trainers
been out. He goes home in a few weeks... yikes.

Other news worthy events this week - we had Zone Training and although
I put it together it still blends in with all the other meetings we've
had, but it still went really well! We tried to focus on getting our
investigators to actually get baptized after we set them with dates,
especially by focusing on the strengths we each have as missionaries.
We also dropped by a less active family this week and met the mom
whose name is Karen Smith. Nice. Also, Wawa has a Valentine's Day menu
and I've never loved this holiday so much. Imagine a chocolate covered
strawberry shake. Yes it tastes exactly like a chocolate covered
strawberry and yes it is incredible.

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