Sunday, March 12, 2017

6 inches and everyone goes to the store to stock up on milk...

January 9, 2017

This email might be a little lame because I got sick all week and each
day it turns into a different illness... it's ridiculous. I'll try my
best to muster up something decent though, just don't expect much.

This week I got to bring Elder Libberton on exchange with me. He's
been in my zone a few different times but this was the first time
we've got to go on an exchange. He is awesome! Incredible missionary,
almost a great exchange too! We taught a guy named Joe. Joe's great.
He was in a horrible accident and has recently regained a little bit
of mobility. He has a sincere desire to find out what his purpose it
and he got a little teary eyed in the lesson. Good guy! We had some
other great lessons and meetings and such, but by the end of the night
I was feeling awful. I literally got sick within like 15 minutes.
Crazy. So I was pretty much knocked out the rest of the exchange haha,
but the majority of it was great! I had to stay in most the day on
Wednesday and rest up. We pretty much rescheduled everything to
Thursday and had a pretty good day! We taught Laultan Puia again, the
guy from Burma. He told us in the lesson he was fasting again. Second
time since we taught him fasting! He said "humans complain, it's too
cold, it's too hot! Why we all complain? We just need to wait for god.
We fast once, nothing, we fast twice, nothing, we fast three times and
God will answer our prayers, we need to keep trying." Puia is

Friday we got to go to MLC. It was a wonderful spirit filled meeting
and we had a great discussion on future changes in missionary work!
Big changes too! I'm excited for it. After we got home we taught a
couple girls from Ghana. They are sisters, 18 and 14, and let me tell
you that teaching teenage girls is quite different because they just
giggle at everything. The bright side is is that they actually
understand the purpose of the Book of Mormon and who Joseph Smith is
and whatnot, they are super smart! On Saturday we headed out in the
morning to help some members paint their house. When we left it was
lightly snowing, but it just kept coming down and we got a pretty
decent storm! We kept trying to go out and do missionary work but it
was so snowy and cold we kept going back home so I could get some more
rest and try to kill my illness because by the end of Saturday night
I'd lost my voice. It was rough haha! They called it a winter storm
and even gave it a name, Winter Storm Helena, we only got like 5 or 6
inches though. Our ward mission leader pointed out to us how packed
the grocery store was during the storm. He said everyone went to go
stock up on milk and they act like they will be snowed in for days.
Lol crazy Jersey people. These people gotta experience a Utah winter,
they'd go nuts.

I can't remember if I mentioned it in a previous email, but I started
the Book of Mormon over right after Christmas with a goal to finish by
Easter. I've been marking in red when people "teach repentance" and in
blue when people "baptize converts". I've never gotten through so much
of he Book of Mormon so quickly, and understood it so well too! As
I've been reading, I've noticed that I naturally teach repentance more
often. It's incredible how that book can influence your life. Thanks
for the support everyone, till next week!

1) first time we went out to paint
2&3) a couple hours later when we went out to teach

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