Sunday, March 12, 2017

Strange Things & Pizza

January 23, 2017

This was one of the more strange weeks in my mission, no joke. It was
a great week nonetheless, but very very odd. Let me explain. On p-day
we rode the train up to a nice part of our area to pick up some dry
cleaning and walked around a nice little city that reminded me a lot
of park city, minus the mountains. That was way weird! At dinner the
member starting talking politics and his wife just kept saying "I
don't care, I really don't care" and when he said she needs to know
about what's going on in the country she said "I really don't care,
all we need to care about is surviving each day, that's all that
matters" we were all dying of laughter! On the way home a member
called us and told us to stop by. Throughout the week she's given us
all this free stuff for our apartment, like toilet paper, laundry
detergent and all those real life things I don't want to worry about.
She gave us more stuff and had us sit down and talk about cheesesteaks
and pizza. What? She also said she will feed us whenever we don't have
a dinner and she will drop off a pizza! AWESOME!

We taught a lesson this week to a new investigator and about 5 minutes
in, she answered her phone and told us she'd be right back and left us
in her house alone for a solid 7 minutes. What the? We taught a lesson
to a member from Nigeria this week. His voice makes him sound so
angry, but he's also the nicest guy ever and I couldn't understand
him. I left that lesson so tired. We also taught a rather less active
part member family who wants to get to the temple. Awesome spiritual
lesson at the beginning, but as soon as we started talking about
family history they had so many concerns. Can any of you think of any
concerns with family history? I mean I couldn't, until now! A member
also wanted to feed us pizza for lunch, so he picked us up at the
train station and said "we are gonna go pick up a couple pies" so I'm
stoked out of my mind for some decent pizza, but all that excitement
left when he pulled into little ceasers.

Now this is where my week got really strange. Saturday morning we had
a meeting over the phone with President. A couple minutes in I turned
to Elder Lake and said "did you take your toast out of the toaster" he
ran to the kitchen and all he sudden our apartment is filled with
smoke and his toast is hard as a rock! Our toaster's timer doesn't
work. So our mission president asked us a question and I told him the
situation and right then our smoke alarm went off. Money!!! We road
the train into Philly to go to the temple and at the second stop our
train gets packed full of women heading to the Women's march. When we
got off the train we ended up walking with the whole crowd to center
city. Two dudes in suits didn't really fit in very well in that march
haha. We went inside the temple and while our recent convert was doing
baptisms we did confirmations. We confirmed like 75 names and our
recent convert never came in! We asked some sisters to look in the
women's dressing room and she was nowhere to be found! We literally
lost our recent convert. Luckily we found her sitting in the arrival
center with a big smile on her face. We had to rush back through the
march to get back to our area because a recently returned missionary's
non member mom wanted to take us out to eat. It was 5 course meal and
I got flounder, when do missionaries get to eat like that? We got back
on the train to go teach a referral we got who "wants to be a
missionary". After walking around the most ghetto trailer park ever
for a half hour searching for his trailer, we realized we had to get
home for some lessons. From the time we got on our train to when we
pulled up to our apartment, our entire night cancelled. It was all
within like 3 minutes too. We still headed out and stopped by some
backups, taught some awesome lesson and got home just in time for a
member to drop off a real pizza to us around 8 o'clock. What? I don't
know about all of you but this was a super strange week for me.

On the other hand I had interviews with President, which was also
strange because he got sick last minute and we had to do interviews
over Skype. Talked about my future and school and the last little bit
of my mission. Crazy to think how fast it's gone by. Especially this
transfer. Elder Lake is leaving to go fulfill a special assignment
that we are pretty pumped about and I get to keep it up here in New
Jersey! I'm excited for the upcoming week and the new transfer! Sorry
this email was mostly about my attempts to eat pizza and strange
stuff, but it's just another week as a missionary. Love you all, take

1) I forgot I owned an RV center
2) just chillin at home (MOD pizza)
3) all star weekend is coming up
4) Deuces Elder Lake

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