Sunday, March 12, 2017


February 27, 2017

Last week I mentioned we were going to a member's house for wings and
pizza which was super good and the next two days I ate pizza too...
such a solid week! This week we had a pretty good leadership meeting
down in Delaware. All of our district leaders rode down with us and we
were able to hit up costco for lunch, which is always a good time! On
Thursday I got to go on exchange to Moorestown with Elder Willson!
He's a great kid and we taught some cool people and a member bought us
Girl Scout cookies, I can't complain! Our week was pretty full of
teaching lessons and whatnot, but by the end I felt like we didn't
have the success we expected for the work we put in. I was feeling
kinda discouraged Sunday morning when we were at church. We were
listening to the announcements in sacrament and I looked back and saw
a part member family we've been working with for forever walk in! I
was so excited. Sister Conklin came a few weeks ago without her
family, but this time the whole gang came and they loved it! I was so
pumped. Hard work pays off, you just gotta be patient but persistent.

This week I also finished the Book of Mormon, which I'm super pumped
about because President Randall invited us at Christmas to finish the
Book of Mormon by Easter, so I started up again and after only 2
months I was able to finish it! I'm super excited about it because it
used to take me ages to read anything in the Book of Mormon and now I
love it. I understand it so much better and I know it's true.

I'm gonna keep this relatively short because we are spending our day
over here in Atlantic City seeing all the sights and just kickin it
with our zone. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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