Sunday, March 12, 2017

Teach Repentance, Eat Wings

January 16, 2017

A good ending to the week is when some other elders give you a
referral of a guy who came to their church, so you contact him
immediately and he texts you back saying "I want to baptism in your
church" not bad right?

I got to go down to Vineland in an exchange with Elder Scow this week.
He's been out almost a year and is just killing it! Super impressed
with him. I think about when I was in his place back in Reading. How
time flies. Before we exchanged back we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings,
which I found an incredible deal for wings so that's a blessing, but
even more blessings were showered upon on us when our waitress said
"you guys come here all the time, here's a punch card for a discount
on a meal and we'll give you guys two punch on this card for being
great" Life is good.

We had an awesome Zone Training this week. Our zone is HUGE. At least
it used to be. At the time of Zone Training we had 26 missionaries in
the zone, it was so great to hear their testimonies and be able to
feel of their spirits. We truly have some great missionaries here in
Jersey. During the week President Randall felt the need to take all
missionaries out of Camden, which I guess is well known for being
super dangerous, so we had to say goodbye to a couple companionship
which was super sad. The bright side of it is that they no longer are
in New Jersey so we got their public transit passes and we can ride
the light rail up and down our area AND we still have a car!
Versatile. We also had a leadership training down in Newark, Delaware
this week. It was great to learn about some new changes in the mission
and its always great to learn some ways we can be better leaders!
Afterwards we went to the nearby Costco, which I haven't been to since
I left home, and got lunch! I forgot how cheap it is! Wish we had one
closer by us hahaha

Our investigator Jennifer is solid. Everytime we teach her she is just
cool with everything and is ready to be baptized! Her boyfriend will
be baptizing her too so we are pumped for that! Joe, that guy we found
last week? He's a boss. He keeps going in and out of the doctors for
tests and whatnot, but he's always texting us and giving us updates of
how he's doing. He read the testimonies in the book of Mormon and said
he was pumped to read more of the Book of Mormon to learn more about
Joseph Smith... Ugh Joe, we got him on the right track though and told
him to watch the Joseph Smith movie.

There's plenty more I could talk about investigator wise, but this
week we heard a dying testimony from my good friend Elder Fernandes.
He heads home in a week, but he said something pretty cool. We all
travel home the same way, but we can choose to travel home as who we
were or who we've become. I continually reflect on how I've changed, I
mean this week I fixed our clogged sink and cut my own hair. I think
my parents would be thrilled about that! I'm definitely growing up,
but most importantly I've grown in my testimony of the gospel and have
become a better disciple of Jesus Christ. Thanks for all the support
you give me! Take care and have a great week!

1) Cherry Hill Zone
2) Elder Fernandes, the Dirty Fern
3) public transportation and a big ole cheesy grin
4) MLC from last week

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